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For more than 30 years, Insight Assessment has been trusted by trainers, educators and employers for our expertise in critical thinking skills and mindset.  We deeply respect the confidentiality of our clients.  We are pleased, however, to share the following unsolicited feedback about our assessment, training and development products.

Manufacturer needed team who “can do critical thinking”

HR Director of a global Manufacturing Company

“We needed a team who “can do critical thinking” to manage the opening of a new manufacturing plant.  INSIGHT Business Professional helped us determine the best candidates for the job!”

—HR Director, Global Company

Insight Assessment, Praised for Research Study Support

Senior Nursing Instructor in front of windows

“I am impressed with your team organization, commitment, and cooperation and I would recommend others to utilize Insight Assessment tests for their future studies.”

— Senior Instructor, Nursing, College of Health Sciences

Applicants Able to Test Online, Making Remote Interviews Feasible

Smiling Director of Admissions

“We tested our first cohort this past year. It not only helped us with our admissions process, but it predicted things that we now observe, anecdotally, in our current students. This year, we are interviewing our students, remotely, as COVID-19 has changed everything about how we do education. Our applicants will take the Health Sciences Reasoning Test (HSRT) online.”

— Associate Director of Admissions, College of Health Sciences

Prioritizing Critical Thinking Skills in Hiring

Smiling man in business suit standing in front of a building
“Nobody even gets an interview with us unless they score a 289, or higher, on the INSIGHT Business Pro. We cannot afford spending time on people who don’t have the reasoning skills to learn what we do and how we do it.”

— HR Director, International Corporation

Critical Thinking Mindset is Essential in Leadership

American flag waving in the wind against a blue sky

“You have spawned a renaissance in the minds of our senior enlisted leaders.”

— Deputy Commandant, U.S. Military Academy 

The Best Tool on the Market to Measure Critical Thinking

Executive Director of Management holding cup of coffee

“We are pleased with the Business Critical Thinking Skills Test (BCTST), it is the best tool on the market that measures critical thinking for the business professional.”

— Executive Director Management Studies, School of Business

Start with Insight Assessment!

Smiling consultant wearing a pink shirt

“At the beginning of every workshop, I give all my clients the INSIGHT Executive so we can take an objective look at their decision-making skills and their leadership mindset.”

— Consultant, Executive Education Firm

INSIGHT First Responder Should be Required of all Applicants

Red, blue & white lights on car with emergency vehicles in the background

“Your INSIGHT First Responder should be required of all applicants. Thanks for coming up with something to test problem-solving in the context of intense, high-stakes situations.”

— Director, Emergency Call Center

A Very Satisfied Customer Since 1992

Smiling program director standing in front of a multi colored accordion doors

 “We have used the California tools here since 1992 … Whether I have ordered tools or had questions … you have ALWAYS been available and had answers for me.  I am very impressed with the service your company provides.  I am a very satisfied customer.”

— Undergraduate Program Director, University

Very Pleased with the Customer Service

Smiling Executive Director of the Office of planning standing in front of windows

“We are very pleased with all the service and support we’re receiving from Insight.  It is a very pleasant improvement over our experience with some other test vendors.”

— Executive Director, Office of Planning and Analysis, University

The Individual Reports are Spot On

Smiling CEO standing against a green background

“When I saw the individual reports, I didn’t even have to check the names.  They described my people, perfectly.”

— CEO (using INSIGHT Executive for C-Suite leadership development), Fortune 500 Company 

Glad to Recommend Your Services

Smiling Environment Science and Engineering Professor wearing graduation robes and mortarboard

“I am very glad to recommend your services to the other users all over the world and sincerely hope more scholars and researchers could work together to improve people’s critical thinking. “

— Environmental Science and Engineering Professor, International University

Preferable to Other Critical Thinking Tests Available

Dean for Academic Services

“The CCTST is preferable to other critical thinking tests available because of the parallel test forms which are particularly suitable for pre- and post-testing.”

— Dean for Academic Services, Institute of Technology

Thanks for your Help!

“Thanks again for helping Student Development with its work on outcomes … The response has been very positive.  I think you helped us get over the hump.”

— Vice President for Student Affairs, University

Provided Exceptional Service

“One of the things I love about Insight Assessment is that I can call and talk to one of your assessment consultants, any time, about our scores.”

— HR Trainer, Organizational Development (using INSIGHT Health Pro and Health Staff for onboarding), Healthcare Organization

Played a Major Role

American Flag filling the image

“You played a major role in preparing our research department faculty for the upcoming academic year. Critical thinking is an important aspect in developing our curriculum; the bedrock for building the intellectual capital of our mid-level officers.”

— Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Military <

Made Teaching Critical Thinking Look Easy

Smiling Dean of Nursing wearing blue jacket and red glasses

“You made teaching for critical thinking look like it might be within the reach of ordinary mortals. Thank you for your contribution to our faculty development efforts.”

— Dean, School of Nursing

Critical Thinking is Essential for Leaders

“Critical thinking is essential for leaders, at every level.  The way Insight Assessment describes critical thinking matches our training goals, exactly.”

— Head of L&D, U.S. Government Agency

The Team of Critical Thinking Consultants were Outstanding

 People working at their computers in global corporation office

“That team that you sent to do our ‘train-the-trainer’ workshop was the best that I’ve ever seen. Thanks! We are on the road, now, ourselves, doing critical thinking training for our whole staff.”

— HR Trainer, Global Corporation

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