INSIGHT Support Staff Skills and Mindset

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INSIGHT Support Staff Skills and Mindset


INSIGHT Support is calibrated for entry level, temporary, seasonal or highly supervised staff whose primary responsibility is to complete their assigned tasks.

Retail and service businesses require more than cheerful employees; their business grows when they hire people who can think well and have a strong motivated work ethic. These workers are often pivotal in maintaining group performance in critical areas such as customer service, loss prevention and overall quality.

Screening these employees for mindset attributes is as important as screening them for work skills. INSIGHT Support is a two part-assessment that assesses thinking skills and personal habits of mind. Anything less would not provide the comprehensive information needed to make excellent hires. INSIGHT Support is crafted to evaluate the thinking skills and motivation that will keep your company running efficiently.

Workplace Thinking Skills Assessed

Support staff must understand their job duties, understand directions, anticipate the consequences of decisions and to anticipate the needs of clients. Thinking skills measured by INSIGHT Support include:

  • Understanding Directions
  • Seeing Consequences
  • Working with Numbers
  • Overall Thinking Skills.

Work Ethic Mindset Attributes Assessed

Businesses grow with honest, committed, dependable staff.  INSIGHT Support measures nine positive work ethic attributes:

  • Dependability
  • Honesty
  • Job Commitment
  • Workplace Safety
  • Professionalism
  • Workplace Tolerance
  • Workplace Flexibility
  • Desire to Work
  • Desire to Learn.

Data Reported

It is possible to identify the workers who are eager to learn, work hard and grow into new responsibilities. Staffing decisions are better when they are founded on the objective relevant data delivered by Insight Assessment.

INSIGHT Support provides comprehensive metrics on the strengths and weaknesses of Overall Thinking Skills and 12 key aspects of workplace problem-solving.   Numerical scores and recommended performance assessments reflect the extent to which the person being assessed manifested a given skill or attribute. Printable individual reports document specific strengths and areas for growth.

Group reports display aggregated statistics and bar-charts for each INSIGHT metric.  These reports have many uses including guiding employee development initiatives over time, comparing different groups engaged in similar tasks at a given organizational level or aiding in the establishment of threshold skill levels to qualify candidates for interviews.

User Manuals provide comprehensive information how to optimally interpret INSIGHT results reports.

Validity and Reliability

Our assessments are built on the growing science of the measurement of human decision-making.  Each instrument has been psychometrically evaluated in collaboration with researchers, educators, trainers and working professionals, to assure cultural and language competence in the intended test taker group.

Test Administration

Secure, encrypted online testing is available 24x7x365 with our multilingual delivery options.   Our online system provides the option of taking our assessments on virtually any device.

Insight Assessment manages logins/passwords, assignments; all you need to do is tell us when and how many individuals you will be testing or training. Tech support is available 24/7.

The online test-taker interface is easy to use, data encrypted and flexible. Tests can be assigned to be taken within any window of time which meets the client’s needs. Each test is scored as soon as the test taker submits responses to the items on the test.

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