Legal Studies Skills and Mindset Package

Insight Assessment Legal Studies Reasoning Profile- LSRP
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Legal Studies Skills and Mindset Package


The Legal Studies Reasoning Package is calibrated for students in law, pre-law, paralegal, criminal justice, government and international relations programs.  The Legal Studies Reasoning Profile (LSRP) is a two-part tool designed to measure the core critical thinking skills and personal attributes needed for success in legal professions.

Training for critical thinking has always been a central concern of legal educators. It takes more than possessing strong thinking skills and knowledge of the law to be an effective law professional.  Personal mindset attributes are critical in many professional roles.

Successful law professionals and law students must draw judiciously on the knowledge base of their profession to analyze problems and to formulate, evaluate, and re-evaluate, a wide range of client-related decisions.  An individual’s strength and weaknesses in these cognitive skills will impact their career success.

The LSRP Part One measures habits of mind that influence how law professionals prepare and counsel clients, and how they approach argument and judgment. The LSRP Part Two is an objective measure of the core reasoning skills essential for purposeful reflective judgments in legal, educational and professional practice settings.  Together they provide comprehensive metrics on the strengths and weaknesses of legal reasoning.

Mindset Attributes Assessed

Developed in association with the American Bar Association Summer Institute, the LSRP Part One measures the legal reasoning habits of mind and mental disciplines regarded as essential for legal studies students and practicing professionals.  Scores reported include:

  • Mental Focus
  • Intellectual Integrity
  • Mental Rigor
  • Foresight
  • Cognitive Maturity
  • Professional Confidence
  • Communicative Confidence
  • Teamwork
  • Peer Expression
  • Directness

Legal Reasoning Skills Assessed

The LSRP Part Two measures overall readiness for Legal Studies and identifies individual strengths and weaknesses in Overall Reasoning and five central thinking skills:

  • Overall Reasoning Skills
  • Analysis
  • Inference
  • Evaluation
  • Deduction
  • Induction

Data Reported

LSRP assessment reports analyze strengths and weaknesses in the legal mindset attributes and reasoning skills demonstrated to be predictive of a successful legal professional.

Printable personal reports provide realistic analysis of strengths and weaknesses in 15 core components of excellence in thinking and reasoning.  Specific strengths and areas for growth are identified.

Comprehensive group data and reports display aggregated statistics and bar-charts for each LSRP metric.

User Manuals provide comprehensive information how to optimally interpret INSIGHT results reports.

Validity and Reliability

Our assessments are built on the growing science of the measurement of human decision-making.  Each instrument has been psychometrically evaluated in collaboration with researchers, educators, trainers and working professionals, to assure cultural and language competence in the intended test taker group.

Test Administration

Secure, encrypted online testing is available 24x7x365 with our multilingual delivery options.   Our online system provides the option of taking our assessments on virtually any device.

Insight Assessment manages logins/passwords, assignments; all you need to do is tell us when and how many individuals you will be testing or training. Tech support is available 24/7.

The online test-taker interface is easy to use, data encrypted and flexible. Tests can be assigned to be taken within any window of time which meets the client’s needs. Each test is scored as soon as the test taker submits responses to the items on the test.

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The LSRP provides objective data for institutional, accreditation and professional assessment mandates.  Contact us today to see how using the LSRP can strengthen your admissions, placement and retention programs.

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