Grades 6-8 Reasoning Package

EDUCATE INSIGHT - Assess Reasoning Skills Grades 6-8 EDUCATE INSIGHT Thinking Mindset Assessments for grades 6-12
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Grades 6-8 Reasoning Package


The Grades 6-8 Reasoning Package is calibrated to measure the critical thinking and quantitative reasoning of middle school children (grades 6-8). This package includes two widely used assessments.  EDUCATE INSIGHT Reasoning Skills Grades 6-8 provides validated measurement of critical thinking and quantitative reasoning in one assessment.  EDUCATE INSIGHT Thinking Mindset Grades 6-12 measures the degree to which older children and adolescents in middle and high school are cognitively engaged and mentally motivated toward intellectual activities.  Used together, these two instruments provide a comprehensive measurement of whether a test taker is ‘willing and able’ to think well.

Children, adolescents and adults alike need to be able to think critically about the mathematical and numerical information that surrounds them in the media, on the Internet, in schools and workplaces, and in society at large. Given the educational significance of critical thinking, educational leaders need valid and reliable measures of critical thinking skills and mindset to complement and guide teaching and learning. Grade 6-8 Reasoning Skills package delivers powerful tools to meet this need.

Skills Assessed by EDUCATE INSIGHT Reasoning Skills Grades 6-8

EDUCATE INSIGHT Reasoning Skills Grades 6-8 measures core components of critical thinking:

  • Analysis
  • Evaluation
  • Inference
  • Induction
  • Deduction
  • Numeracy
  • Reasoning Skills Overall

Mindset Attributes Assessed by EDUCATE INSIGHT Thinking Mindset Grades 6-12

Five attribute domains are measured by EDUCATE INSIGHT Thinking Mindset Grades 6-12:

  • Mental Focus
  • Learning Orientation
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Cognitive Integrity
  • Scholarly Rigor

Data Reported

The metrics delivered by these thinking skills and mindset assessments provide relevant, objective input for teachers in the classroom, for school improvement and accreditation reports. Early assessment of student skills and motivation to learn can provide important individual and group diagnostics.

Our assessment report package provides the tables and graphics needed to compare your students’ achievement with national norms and to identify individual and group strengths and weaknesses. Online testing includes a printable test taker report that provides a short interpretative text describing the meaning of the numeric scores of each test-taker.

Numerical and categorical interpretation of strength are reported. A norm-referenced percentile ranking is provided for skills assessments.

User Manuals provide comprehensive information how to optimally interpret Insight Assessment results reports.

Validity and Reliability

These assessments are built on the growing science of the measurement of human decision-making.  Each instrument has been psychometrically evaluated in collaboration with researchers, educators, trainers and working professionals, to assure cultural and language competence in the intended test taker group.

Test Administration

Insight Assessment offers the industry’s most complete and cost-effective array of testing options. Secure, encrypted online testing is available 24x7x365 with our multilingual delivery options.   Our browser or app based online system provides the option of taking our assessments on virtually any device.

The online test-taker interface is easy to use, data encrypted and flexible. Tests can be assigned to be taken within any window of time which meets the client’s needs. Each test is scored as soon as the test-taker submits responses to the items on the test.

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Educators know that the ability and the willingness to learn are interdependent—and that if students aren’t motivated to do the work of learning, their progress will be limited across the curriculum.

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