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Insight Assessment has developed a uniquely comprehensive array of critical thinking tools. Each instrument is calibrated to meet the needs of specific professional and academic needs.

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Everyone needs to think well

The California Critical Thinking Skills Test Family

Critical thinking skills tests based on Delphi Expert Consensus Report

The California Critical Thinking Skills Test Family is a set of critical thinking skills assessments based on the Delphi Expert Consensus Definition of Critical Thinking.  Research has shown that these instruments predict strength in critical thinking in authentic problem situations and success on professional licensure examinations. As measures of core critical thinking skills, these tools address the application of one’s reasoning skills for the purpose of forming a reflective judgment about what to believe or what to do in a given context or problematic situation. Read More...

Objective assessment of critical thinking skills

All of the academically focused test instruments listed below provide objective measures of critical thinking skills. Different questions progressively invite test-takers to analyze or to interpret information presented in text, charts, or images; to draw accurate and warranted inferences; to evaluate inferences and explain why they represent strong reasoning or weak reasoning; or to explain why a given evaluation of an inference is strong or weak.

Scores reported for core components of critical thinking

Insight Assessment report graphic showing range of Overall Critical Thinking Scores for 14 employees. Superior, Strong, Moderate and Not Manifested Skills are highlightedEach assessment returns scores for overall reasoning skills plus analysis, inference, evaluation, induction and deduction. Many of the assessments also include scores for numeracy, interpretation and explanation. The different tests in this family are designed for different populations of test-takers ranging in educational level from middle school through graduate school. All the tests in this family are available with our flexible administration options.  There are authorized translations for many of them.

Assessments for Education, Business, Health Care, Engineering and Military

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