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Strong thinking skills are in demand across the globe. If you want to prioritize the improvement of decision skills, Insight Assessment provides the high quality assessments, metrics, service and expertise required to measure thinking skills and mindset attributes. Our solutions set the standard:



  • Individual and group metrics about thinking skills or thinking mindset or both.
  • Individual reports specifying the strengths and weaknesses in key components of reasoning strength, delivered within minutes of test-taker completion.
  • Comprehensive data about group performance that include group descriptive scores and detailed analysis of overall group performance.
  • Comparison percentile scores are available for critical thinking skills tests
  • Relevant, objective, presentation ready reportsanalyzing the test taker responses


  • Starting with our initial consultation on your testing goals, our testing specialists will work with you to optimize your results.
  • Assistance to integrate the inclusion of thinking skills and mindset and assessment into your HR procedures.
  • Test in English or over 20 additional languages or a combination of languages using our high quality translations and multilingual online test taker interface options. We have high quality translations and multilingual online test taker interface options.
  • Test individuals or group(s) online, proctored, remotely, using our flexible test administration options to deliver data securely and efficiently
  • Option of specialized demographic or survey questions to manage and organize data
  • Provide HR with training tools for team development
  • Complimentary resources about the importance of improving thinking or training better reasoning


  • Identify individuals with strong critical thinking and quantitative reasoning skills
  • Support hiring and placement commitments with objective metrics reporting the strength and weakness in the decision making skills and mindset of employees and job candidates
  • Inform student admissions and retention, curriculum evaluation, employee hiring, talent development, accreditation, training, research or non-profit work
  • To enhance an existing assessment program or implement a new program.

If you need a complete thinking assessment solution: high quality tests calibrated for your test takers, quick and easy online start-up using our app based test system and ready to use comprehensive reports, contact us to see the power of our assessment results and the benefits of working with Insight Assessment.

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