What Makes a Global Thinking Assessment Leader?

Insight Assessment is committed to Advancing Critical Thinking Worldwide

Insight Assessment is a global leader in the assessment of thinking skills and reasoning mindset.  We have earned this leading role because of our pioneering research about critical thinking measurement science. We have over 30 years of experience measuring thinking skills and mindset throughout the world. Our critical thinking test instruments are currently being used by universities, hospitals, businesses, government and military agencies, researchers and K-12 schools in over sixty nations and twenty languages throughout the world.

Insight Assessment is uniquely driven by our:

  • Dedication: to make sure your assessment program delivers the strong, relevant useful data clients need to meet their objectives
  • Commitment: to eliminate error due to distractions such as ESL or language issues of the test takers.
  • Attention to detail: Multilingual user interfaces eliminate test taker confusion.
  • Superior quality: Strong assessments need equally strong culturally correct translations.

Whether you’re launching a critical thinking test program in one or more non-English speaking countries or you’re planning to assess multilingual individuals here in the USA, Insight Assessment is the high quality choice. When you choose Insight Assessment you get the value of:

High Quality Thinking Assessments:

  • We offer validated, proven and internationally recognized test instruments that are calibrated to measure the thinking skills and attributes of your test-takers.
  • International research by scholars and researchers documents the value of our test instruments.

Strong Validated Translations

  • We specialize in high quality culturally-appropriate translations of our copyright-protected, research-based tools. Each of our authorized translations is designed to match its English equivalent as a measurement tool and to be sensitive to cultural differences.
  • Our multicultural capabilities go beyond the basic language and include many country-specific variants, date formatting, number formatting, image selection, symbol selection and color selection.
  • Collaborations with international scholars who are native language speakers and using rigorous iterative translation procedures assure validity, reliability and cultural competence is achieved in the authorized translations

Language Flexibility

  • Not only are our test instruments available in multiple languages, our multilingual test interface provides the flexibility of selecting available languages for the test, interface and reports
  • 24/7, online encrypted delivery of many tests

Contact us to learn how your assessment programs for multicultural test-takers will benefit from Insight Assessment’s high quality translations.

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