Two Qualified Candidates–Which Would You Hire?

Job candidates sitting in line for an interview

The decision is yours to make; you need to hire (or promote) an employee. You’ve gone through all the traditional vetting steps for this position.  The resumes have been sorted, interviews completed, backgrounds investigated, and references checked. 

You’ve narrowed it down to two seemingly similar candidates

Candidate A:  has a degree from an excellent university, made the Dean’s List, and has worked in the industry for four years at two jobs. Candidate A interviewed well and seemed enthusiastic.

Candidate B:  earned a degree from a highly rated college, made the Dean’s List, and has worked at a competitor for five years, receiving a promotion after a year. Candidate B had good questions and appeared upbeat.

Which candidate do you pick? Why? How confident are you about this decision?

What if you’re wrong?

Wouldn’t it be great if you had objective metrics on an applicant’s potential to succeed?

If both candidates took the INSIGHT Business Professional assessment, you would have the clarity from their individual reports regarding their critical thinking skills.  You would receive reports describing each candidate’s judgement skills, for the level of responsibility and accountability, that your position requires.

At a glance, you’d see that Candidate A has a rating of “Strong” for Overall Reasoning Skills, while Candidate B demonstrated “Moderate” Overall Reasoning Skills.

INSIGHT Business Professional provides objective metrics on five additional key elements of thinking strength. This allows you to compare these candidates’ skillsets, apples to apples.   The Overall Reasoning Skills score reflects the big picture of how a potential employee uses his or her reasoning skills (i.e. analyzing complex job-related situations, anticipating, and solving problems). 

Skills are half the equation:  do you know which candidate is the best fit for your team and/or culture?  Wouldn’t the measurement of professional mindset attributes also be equally valuable?

INSIGHT Business Professional further, objectively, assesses whether test-takers are motivated to apply their knowledge, experience, and skills to meet your corporate goals. 

Your candidates would be asked to respond to typical on-the-job dilemmas.  The Business Professional report shows individual results for ten essential business mindset attributes. Higher scores indicate someone with the willingness to pursue lifelong learning along with the motivation to apply their reasoning skills to work-related decisions. These insights provide invaluable data for hiring, promotion, development/training, etc.

You’d discover that Candidate A scored well on work ethic components such as job commitment, honesty, tolerance, resourcefulness, and openness to change. Candidate B, however, scored poorly on these crucial indicators of future employment success.

Which candidate do you choose?  How confident are you, now, about your decision?

Measurements of candidate critical thinking skills and mindset provide valuable objective data as you schedule interviews and make your decisions. 

Whether you have to hire 10, 50 or 1,000 employees, INSIGHT will make your job easier—and lead to better hires—because you need validated objective data to interview, hire and promote the best critical thinkers.

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