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Your research in human cognition could be aided by the direct measurement of human reasoning skills and thinking mindset;  we invite you to review our product array.  Our mission at Insight Assessment is to improve human reasoning internationally. We are particularly proud of our role in supporting the work of leading researchers.

Do strong reasoning skills or a thinking mindset protect someone from depression? Do they significantly predict wealth or good health? Do individual differences in reasoning ability and mindset influence reported findings in drug studies, investigations of memory or motor skills, studies on aging? If you are a cognitive researcher, you probably want to study and quantify this potential effect or control it in your next investigation.

Many Insight Assessment customers have identified strength in reasoning skills and a thinking mindset as the characteristics they require in their key personnel, prefer in selective admission, hiring and training, and use to assign key leadership positions.

Adding a measure of reasoning skills and mindset to a scientific investigation of human cognition allows you to control for individual differences that affect engagement of the problem, the ability to analyze and evaluate solution paths, and draw inferences as to potential gain, risk management, and options for problem resolution.

Insight Assessment provides test instruments calibrated to specific ages and ability ranges and benchmarked to the national population. Translations, developed through collaborative, culturally competent projects with colleague researchers around the world, make multilingual investigations possible. Comprehensive individual and group reports provide objective metrics on the strengths and weaknesses of key aspects of thinking.

Assumptions that all study participants can be treated as equals in cognitive research is a likely design flaw that can be easily remedied.  Valid and reliable measures, calibrated to your expected study sample, will control this variable and potentially offer new insights on the effects of this individual difference variable on your program of research.

Selecting a valid and reliable measure calibrated to your study population also offers you the opportunity to benchmark your study sample to the population in the area of reasoning skills, increasing the external validity of your findings. Contact our representatives today for more information about Insight Assessment’s support of research studies of human reasoning and decision making.  

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