Thinking skills for customer service

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Do you need to attract and retain new customers to your business? Are you looking for ways to make your brand stand out? Are your staff an asset or liability?

Are your employees making sure the business provides quality customer service?  Do you hire people who are focused on meeting customer needs? If not, you can’t expect to define a brand positively or plan on attracting new customers.

Prescreening employees with INSIGHT Business Staff enables you to identify employees who have the thinking skills and mindset to:

  • anticipate customer needs–from refilling water glasses to guiding product selection

  • analyze key elementsof unexpected customer issues, evaluate options and problem solve creatively

  • learn about and understand products, policies and responsibilities

  • focus on the customer rather than on themselves or co-workers

  • be motivated to accomplish tasks

  • have the positive work ethic  to be welcoming, helpful and engaged with customers

  • be honest, dependable and committed to delivering quality service  

  • be able to work with numbers

It is possible to objectively measure these skills and mindsets using validated INSIGHT Business Staff online assessments. Comprehensive individual reports provide scores on 15 core components of thinking well.  

Retail and service businesses require more than cheerful employees; your business grows when you hire people who can think well and have a strong motivated work ethic. Join the increasing numbers of businesses that are using validated INSIGHT online assessments to gather reliable data to prescreen new employees. Staffing decisions are better when they are founded on the objective relevant data delivered by Insight Assessment.

Contact us. In one working day you can bring INSIGHT to every level of your organization.

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