The Global Need for Critical Thinking

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Critical thinking is important

Why is critical thinking important today? 


Good critical thinking skills help us understand ourselves and others in this changing interconnected world

We need to think about what we all have in common. The importance of developing open and strong thinking skills has multiple applications. Not just to us as people, but also as a community, region, country, and across the entire world.

Good thinking is our strongest defense against ignorance and intolerance

When strong critical thinking skills are applied with a fair and honest mindset, individuals and teams have the best chance to agree on solutions to global, national, local and personal problems.

Good thinking skills are universal. In every society reaching an optimal problem solution requires us to:

  • identify and analyze the problem, identifying key elements;
  • assess the accuracy of facts and information sources;
  • evaluate options and explain the strength and weakness of alternatives;
  • draw conclusions in ambiguous contexts to determine the solution with the most likelihood of success;
  • anticipate outcomes and see logical consequences in precise contexts;
  • interpret and evaluate information presented in numerical formats.

A strong thinking mindset is equally important for fair minded decision making. People motivated to make good decisions demonstrate:

  • a focused, organized and systematic approach to problem-solving;
  • open-mindedness and tolerance, respecting diversity in perspectives, opinions;
  • thoughtfulness in decision-making with a commitment to use reasoning and fact-finding to resolve difficulties;
  • adaptability to change;
  • self motivation and resourcefulness;
  • intellectual curiosity, following reasons & evidence wherever they may lead.

The development and application of critical thinking is important to solve complex problems and propose the changes to move our world forward.

Advancing Thinking Worldwide


Insight Assessment is passionate about the importance of growing, measuring and promoting good critical thinking worldwide.

We are proud to support numerous institutions and businesses in their commitment to improving the quality of thinking in adults and children.

Our multilingual online assessments and resources are used in education, business, healthcare, government and law to develop a better curriculum, to focus training on thinking improvements, and to identify the strong thinkers who can move their initiatives forward.

If you want us to help bring these values to your workplace, give us a call at 650–697-5628.

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