Take the guesswork out of qualifying job candidates

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Better Decision-making, Better Results

Identify and hire the best talent

What does it take to complete successful new hires?

You need to:

  •  minimize costly training time

  •  reduce the risk of the new hire washing out

  •  and assure that new addition brings stability or improvement to team morale.

You work hard to hire the best available talent, but how do you know those new employees will become productive quickly?  How do you adapt their existing professional skills to new business needs?

Take the guesswork out of qualifying candidates

When you need to hire and then train your new employees to do the job, there’s a tool that will take the guesswork out of the process.  INSIGHT businessassessment tools provide skills and mindset metrics to help you and your professionals maximize business performance by improving the quality of staff decision-making and reasoning throughout your organization. Get the reliable individual and group metrics you need to:

Don’t think you’re done once the new hire starts

Growth depends on improvement of skills. Your company benefits when employees apply good analytical thinking to problem-solving. Make sure your employee development program includes a focus on building strong problem solving and decision-making skills.INSIGHT Development Program is a cost effective, validated self-paced program for improving decision skills and fostering a workplace culture of positive thinking mindset. It includes a series of modules targeted to strengthen an individual’s thinking characteristics and the use of the corresponding Insight testing instrument and individual reports that can be used for individual professional development, continuous improvement initiatives, talent identification and other quality improvement programs. 

The right tools give you the data you need to accomplish your goals

An objective description of an individual’s comparative strength in reasoning skills is a valuable aid in determining a person’s capacity to benefit from educational training or to succeed in their job.INSIGHT starts with high quality, specialized thinking test instruments for business, health care, government and education uses. Our solutions are designed take the hassle out of employee assessment:

  • We will work with you to identify the key metrics that impact the objectives challenging your staff responsibilities.

  • We provide full support for administration, setting up and managing your program.

  • Our highly flexible multilingual interface offers global 24/7 access for your team.

  • Reports provide comprehensive analysis of individual and group metrics for the key values you need.

  • Measuring thinking can motivate employees to hone their skills; knowledge of weaknesses can be a powerful motivator to change.

Improving thinking and reasoning skills can easily be incorporated into your business training plan with the INSIGHT Development Program. Our trained consultants will help you integrate INSIGHT Development Program into your professional development, quality improvement, talent development, team-building and other HR processes.

In this tighter job market, you have more competition for the best talent. It’s harder to hire the highly skilled and motivated candidates who are ready to succeed—and more important to prepare them to thrive in your culture.

Insight Assessment delivers the results and the data required to focus on implementing improvements. Contact us to discuss your specific needs.

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