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Critical Thinking is the Essence of Clinical Reasoning

Strengthening the Essence of Clinical Reasoning

The Role of Critical Thinking in Clinical Reasoning Critical thinking drives the continued development of new knowledge and practice competence for every clinician, clinical scientist, …

two engineers evaluate data on components displayed on large screen

Don’t Fire & Hire, Make Talent a Renewable Resource

Your Future-Ready Workforce – Part 3 The days of employees having a single deep expertise, for 40 years of a career, are forever gone.  An …

Professor teaching a remote class using active learning strategies

Strategies to Promote Critical Thinking Through Active Learning

There are key active learning strategies and practices that promote the development of strong critical thinking. To teach for critical thinking, instructors should employ the …

Thoughtful healthcare worker reviews data on monitors and tablet

Prepare Your Healthcare Employees for the Future

Job skills for the future of health care The sheer speed of change has transformed the way that healthcare systems must hire and develop employees.  …

AI and Human collaboration

The Secrets to Successful AI Implementation

Why does artificial intelligence often flounder in the workplace, despite all its promised benefits?  Success in AI requires extensive preparation and planning.  It starts with …

employee training class

Get the Most Out of Your Training Dollars

Measurement is an essential part of ensuring you get value from your training program. Knowing that your training program is worthwhile and netting the results …

Team stencil held overa set of complicated gears

Improving employee critical thinking can be easy

  If your organizational culture supports individualized personal and professional development, then the tools at INSIGHT BASECAMP are for you.   Skill Builders, like “How …

Why Prioritize Training Thinking Skills in Onboarding

The most important workplace skill is strong thinking The best onboarding programs, also known as orientation sessions, include training of thinking and decision-making skills. New hire …

Are your employee development plans on target?

How to Gain Approval for Employee Development Plans

Why improve the quality of employee decision-making and problem-solving? Convincing leadership to invest in employee training and development plans can be an uphill battle.  But …

Teachers build the future

The future is in their hands Educators have one of the most consequential roles in society.   They provide students with the knowledge, skills, and motivation …

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