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Team stencil held overa set of complicated gears

Improving employee critical thinking can be easy

We expect more from our employees today. They must be able to think on their feet, problem-solve, evaluate information professionally and effectively. Shouldn’t we give …

Why Prioritize Training Thinking Skills in Onboarding

The most important workplace skill is strong thinking The best onboarding programs, also known as orientation sessions, include training of thinking and decision-making skills. New hire …

Are your employee development plans on target?

How to Gain Approval for Employee Development Plans

Why improve the quality of employee decision-making and problem-solving? Convincing leadership to invest in employee training and development plans can be an uphill battle.  But …

Teachers build the future

“I touch the future.  I teach”    (Crista McAuliffe) Educators have one of the most important jobs in the world. They prepare students with the …

The Importance of Learning to Reason Well in All Contexts

In “Distressed Reasoning” Dr. Peter Facione writes, “Higher education anywhere in the world cannot be considered successful unless it guides students to reason well in …

Insight Assessment individual reports

Individual Thinking Reports are Powerful Training Tools

The best training programs benefit individual participants as well as the company. When training programs target the development of skills that have personal as well …

assortment of measurement tools including ruler, protractor, calculator, compass

Get the Most Out of Your Training Dollars

Measurement is an essential part of ensuring you get value from your training program. Knowing that your training program is worthwhile and netting the results …

Is there a secret to teaching critical thinking?

To teach thinking, you have to model good thinking. It’s not a secret. Effective training to improve thinking must start with the teacher. Students learn …

Effective Techniques for Building Reasoning Skills

To engage students and trainees in successful critical thinking skills development, and to reinforce a positive critical thinking mindset, there are a few basics to …

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