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Why link assessment, accreditation and admissions?

Every academic leader needs to know how the institution can use their impending regional accreditation to accomplish something meaningful. If we have to engage lots …

The Importance of Learning to Reason Well in All Contexts

In “Distressed Reasoning” Dr. Peter Facione writes, “Higher education anywhere in the world cannot be considered successful unless it guides students to reason well in …

Student success depends on critical thinking skills & mindset - Insight Assessment

One Dean’s Student Success Story

Insight Assessment academic clients depend on validated critical thinking test instruments for their outcomes assessment, accreditation, and quality enhancement projects. Returning from a conference focusing …

Group of students studying object on table

Why K-12 Schools Assess Critical Thinking

K-12 schools and academies of all kinds — independent, charter, public, private, international – assess student critical thinking to get objective data that benefits students, …

Multitask with the Right Admissions Tools

Student success is not guaranteed once letters of acceptance go out. Admissions officers have a tough job. Each year they are responsible for identifying the …

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