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Top 10 Critical Thinking FAQS

Top 10 Critical Thinking FAQs

1. Can experts agree on a definition of “critical thinking?” Yes. And they have. An international panel of more than forty-five experts achieved this consensus:  …

Basket ball hoop against blue sky

Critical Thinking & Hoops – Nature or Nurture?

Critical thinking: Are you born with it or can you learn it? Leaders in business and the armed services frequently ask, is critical thinking something …

Insight Assessment offers practical critical thinking resources for teaching and training good thinking

8 Most Popular Free Critical Thinking Resources and Tools

Free critical thinking resources and tools Are you interested in the importance of improving critical thinking skills and mindset?      Then you’ll want to …

K-8 Critical Thinking Habits of Mind: curious, creative, engaged organized, fair-minded and focused

Kareem Abdul Jabbar and Professional Ethics for Educators

This Guest Blog Post by  Peter A. Facione, Ph.D., Measured Reasons LLC, is presented as part of Insight Assessment’s commitment to advancing critical thinking worldwide. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ …

Trash Can of unreliable information- propaganda, boasts, bias, propaganca & baseless opinion

Truth-seekers Needed

Truth-seeking is vital. We need our health care providers to be truth-seekers, following our changing health status to be sure therapies are really working, and …

Ten Ways to Spot Fake News

This is a guest post by Peter A Facione, Measured Reasons LLC. Posing as a Midwestern housewife and using thousands of other fake accounts on …

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10 Resources for More Impactful Thinking Assessment

Get the data you need to achieve your critical thinking assessment goals Insight Assessment is committed to helping our clients achieve their assessment goals. Fall …

Focus research on improving critical thinking

Updated 1/2/2020 How can we make people more skilled in critical thinking and more committed to those skills?  This question is at the root of …

How to improve 7 attributes of a positive critical thinking mindset through practice

How to stimulate 7 critical thinking attributes

Cultivating a Critical Thinking Mindset, Part 3. The cultivation of a positive critical thinking mindset is both easier and yet more difficult than one might …

How to improve 7 attributes of a positive critical thinking mindset through practice

What mindset characterizes strong critical thinkers?

Cultivating a Critical Thinking Mindset Part 2. A strong critical thinking mindset is the product of the interaction of key attributes and mental disciplines.  Researchers …

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