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Thinking skills for customer service

Do you need to attract and retain new customers to your business? Are you looking for ways to make your brand stand out? Are your …

Are your staff success factors or placeholders?

You need to be sure your staff isn’t keeping your company from achieving your objectives.  Are they locked into fixed routines, plans and thought processes? …

Green traffic light representing change

Is your business ready to adapt to change?

Change is a constant in the economy. Business cycles are never totally predictable. However, change can be long anticipated, planned and prepared for (think inflation, …

assortment of measurement tools including ruler, protractor, calculator, compass

Get the Most Out of Your Training Dollars

Measurement is an essential part of ensuring you get value from your training program. Knowing that your training program is worthwhile and netting the results …

White sign CHANGE AHEAD in front of a background of blue skies with puffy white clouds

Strong Thinkers to Lead Your Business Transition

Businesses cannot stand still. Companies are in perpetual motion, needing to re-invent and adapt to changing circumstances.  Business transition is a constant.  Whether your organization …

Black sphere with green binary code in front of black screen with green numbers displayed

Put your data to work

It’s a lot easier to capture data than it is to use it effectively. Don’t just collect data–use it.  Without strong critical thinkers in key …

Data for Continuous Improvement

Need Impactful Continuous Improvement Metrics?

Actionable data for continuous improvement initiatives What would you do if you had the data to prove your organization has the thinking skills needed to …

You Can Know Who Your Best Thinkers Are

Do you know how many of your employees are good thinkers? If you’re not assessing thinking abilities, then you’re guessing.  INSIGHT’s group reports deliver the …

Blue windows on big city skyscraper show the reflection of other buildings

Innovation Depends on Strong Thinking

Most innovative ideas die in the implementation process. Innovation can be a catalyst to growth. However, benefiting from innovation is a two stage project.  The …

3 team members thinking together as they look at a computer monitor

Business Reasoning: You Can’t Afford to Not Assess It

Your bottom line is impacted every day by the cumulative effect of the way your employees make decisions and solve problems. Progress and growth result …

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