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A woman leading a group meeting on thinking

10 Characteristics of Effective Leaders

Leadership is more than a skill set Strategic leadership requires a complex integration of skills, knowledge, personality, and mindset attributes. In addition to having strong …

Diverse Business Skills Team celebrating their success

Your Future-Ready Workforce

The companies that will thrive in the future are the ones that best manage the looming employment crisis.  Call it a skills gap or a …

Thoughtful healthcare worker reviews data on monitors and tablet

Prepare Your Healthcare Employees for the Future

Job skills for the future of health care The sheer speed of change has transformed the way that healthcare systems must hire and develop employees.  …

Group of healthcare clinicians discussing patient data scans

Critical Thinking Mindset for Improving Patient Outcomes

The role of positive thinking mindset in improving patient outcomes In the challenging and busy health care delivery environment, we don’t spend enough time celebrating …

Group of Business professionals seated at a conference table, holding an office meeting

How Critical Thinking at Work has Evolved

Reflections on over 30 years of data Leaders in business, the health professions, and the military have called for greater attention to critical thinking at …

Enthusiastic students running down school hallway

What We are Learning about K-12 Students’ Critical Thinking Mindset

The Importance of having a critical thinking mindset More than training skills only, education for critical thinking demands nurturing a critical thinking mindset in children …

Higher Ed student sitting at desk focused on his tudying

College Students and the Disposition Toward Using Critical Thinking

Has the critical thinking mindset of higher ed students improved? What do we know about college students’ critical thinking mindset? A search of publications using California …

Exhausted Nurse wearing full personal protection equipment exhibits courage, resilience and leadership in a crisis

Crisis Creates Courageous and Resilient Leaders

Crisis forces change….and blasts open the doors to innovation. Many are talking about what will be lost. But from this seeming chaos, leaders will emerge who …

team working together with positive work ethics

Top 10 Work Ethic Attributes

The Work Ethic Traits Most Valued by Leaders The modern definition of what constitutes good work ethics often varies.  Different businesses have different expectations. In …

The power of ideas represented by a light bulb reflecting the image of the globe

15 Quotes to Inspire Good Thinking

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” – Albert Einstein “To every complex question there is a …

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