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team working together with positive work ethics

Top 10 Work Ethic Attributes

The Work Ethics Most Valued by Leaders The modern definition of what constitutes good work ethics often varies.  Different businesses have different expectations. In Healthcare, …

Critical thinking and health care outcomes

When we think about critical thinking and clinical decision making, most of us immediately focus on the skills.  Health care professionals must have strong reasoning …

Female executive sitting at her desk thinking about honesty

Is it possible to test for honesty?

Every new hire is a security risk From minor theft of office supplies to serious embezzlement, the costs of dishonesty mount quickly.  A recent survey …

Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching -- CS Lewis

Are your employees worthy of your trust?

The primary cause of employee failure is a lack of personal integrity. Some individuals make a deliberate decision to take advantage of an opportunity, to …

Five flying Canadian Geese following the leader

10 Characteristics of Good Leaders

Leaders are more than a skill set Strategic leadership requires a complex integration of skills and mindset attributes.  In addition to having strong decision-making skills, …

Strong Thinkers to Lead Your Successful Transition

Whether your organization is thriving, just getting by or faltering, you are in a transition.  The success stories of the future will be from those …

Personal Thinking Assessments for Adults and Children

Are you a good thinker? Thinking skills are essential life skills. Now you can measure your thinking skills and mindset using the Critical Thinking Insight …

Three employees think about information on a computer monitor

Employers Prioritize Capacity to Think Critically

What are employers looking for when hiring?  They want candidates who have the ability to apply gained knowledge in a wide variety of real world …

You Can Know Who Your Best Thinkers Are

Do you know how many of your employees are good thinkers? If you’re not assessing thinking abilities, then you’re guessing.  INSIGHT’s group reports deliver the …

The power of ideas represented by a light bulb reflecting the image of the globe

15 Quotes to Challenge Good Thinking

Have you used your critical thinking skills today?  Progress in free societies depends on citizens who apply their critical thinking skills. Here are fifteen quotes …

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