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Can Rubrics Assess Critical Thinking?

Rubrics are rating forms designed to capture evidence of a particular quality or construct. The quality of the measure obtained from a rubric depends on …

Uses for Critical Thinking Skills and Mindset Data

How to Assess Achievement of Student Thinking Outcomes

It is increasingly important for educational organizations to document achievement of students learning outcomes. Many of Insight Assessment’s customers use one or more of our …

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Getting returns on your investment in training critical thinking?

Measuring Changes and Improvement in Thinking Skills Thinking skill matters; it is the springboard for problem-solving, decision-making and innovation. Building strong employee critical thinking skills …

Measyring changes and gains in thinking skill. Insight Assessment report graphic showing pretest to posttest distribution of scores on a mindset scale

How to assess the impact of a critical thinking program

Critical thinking can be analyzed, measured and improved. The more we are supported and challenged to exercise our core critical thinking skills, the stronger these …

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Making Assessment Matter to Students

Assessment of thinking skills is an essential component of documenting student learning.  Many colleges and universities prioritize critical thinking student learning outcomes because they recognize …

Why link assessment, accreditation and admissions?

Every academic leader needs to know how the institution can use their impending regional accreditation to accomplish something meaningful. If we have to engage lots …

Is there a secret to teaching critical thinking?

To teach thinking, you have to model good thinking. It’s not a secret. Effective training to improve thinking must start with the teacher. Students learn …

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Next Step: Choose the Best Thinking Assessment

It’s time to make a critical decision: Which thinking assessment will help you meet your objectives? You’ve already decided 3 important things: Good thinking is …

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