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Cultivate seven positive attributes of a critical thinking mindset: Insight Assessment

How can I improve my critical thinking habits of mind?

Cultivating a Critical Thinking Mindset Part 1. Having strong critical thinking skills is only half the equation. You can be skilled at thinking but if …

Woman seated at her laptop participating in a virtual meeting

Teamwork makes the Dreamwork–Not!

When Teamwork is Dreamwork becomes Your Nightmare Successful teams possess the ability to come at a problem from myriad directions to determine the best course …

Strong reasoning skills and thinking mindset are needed for decision strength | Insight Assessment

How to avoid risks in the decision making process

When presented with a tough decision, the way you think through the problem and assess available options is significant. Are these strategies part of your …

Histogram showing CCTST Critical Thinking Skills Overall Strong and Weak Score Distribution

How to create a SACS QEP critical thinking competency

SACS QEPs should focus on competencies that can bring lifelong value to students and energize a campus community. Developing strong critical thinking in students is …

Black sphere with green binary code in front of black screen with green numbers displayed

How to Optimize Thinking Data Before Testing Starts

Assessment results are only as good as the data you get and use. It’s often easier to accumulate data than it is to be able …

Text stating Measure Twice, Hire Once over image of a yellow and a white measuring tape

6 Uses for Employee Assessment Data

Hiring, training and promoting employees without objective data is a big gamble.  It can be very costly to make employee decisions based on time or …

Report graphic conparing 4 year undergraduate performance on the CCTST critical thinking assessment to comparable a sample of students nationwide

Maximize Data from Critical Thinking Group Reports

Learn how to get the most value out of the metrics included in Insight Assessment critical thinking group reports and analytics. In this 8 minute …

Hand holding a magnifying glass over the blue silhouette of a head on a blue background

What is Validity in Assessments?

Have you ever wondered if critical thinking skills can be assessed using a multiple choice test? We sat down with Dr. Peter Facione, founder of …

Red pencil next to paper with boxes to check

Can Rubrics Assess Critical Thinking?

Rubrics are rating forms designed to capture evidence of a particular quality or construct. The quality of the measure obtained from a rubric depends on …

Uses for Critical Thinking Skills and Mindset Data

How to Assess Achievement of Student Thinking Outcomes

It is increasingly important for educational organizations to document achievement of students learning outcomes. Many of Insight Assessment’s customers use one or more of our …

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