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Professor teaching a remote class using active learning strategies

Strategies to Promote Critical Thinking Through Active Learning

There are key active learning strategies and practices that promote the development of strong critical thinking. To teach for critical thinking, instructors should employ the …

Uses for Critical Thinking Skills and Mindset Data

Why Test Critical Thinking in the Spring?

Critical thinking is an important and widely adopted college level student learning outcome. Spring is an important time to gather critical thinking test data. That …

Question Asking Skills: A Leadership Training Tool

Ask yourself, why do leaders make bad decisions? Corporate reputations are being destroyed alongside headlines that tally up daily deaths from COVID-19.  A company known …

Customize your questions for greater insight

Benefits of Insight Assessment Custom Questions

Developing strong critical thinking in students is a challenging goal widely embraced by education stakeholders at every level, including employers, policy makers and faculty.  Many Insight …

Top 10 Critical Thinking FAQS

Top 10 Critical Thinking FAQs

1. Can experts agree on a definition of “critical thinking?” Yes. And they have. An international panel of more than forty-five experts achieved this consensus:  …

Bullseye!  Dart hitting the center of a dartboard

How to Choose a Thinking Assessment

Get the data you need Before you implement your critical thinking program make sure that the individual and group data reported will be objective, high impact …

Pictures of 7 critical thinkers

How to Prepare for Insight Assessment Thinking Tests

A good critical thinking test is not going to be a test of factual knowledge about critical thinking. Memorizing information and definitions is not the …

Hands using 10 different devices for critical thinking and innovation

Why do clients move from paper to electronic testing?

Finding the optimal test administration solution Many critical thinking assessment customers find that the move from traditional paper testing to electronic testing leads to greater …

Black sphere with green binary code in front of black screen with green numbers displayed

How to Optimize Thinking Data Before Testing Starts

Assessment results are only as good as the data you get and use. It’s often easier to accumulate data than it is to be able …

assortment of measurement tools including ruler, protractor, calculator, compass

Can writing samples reliably assess critical thinking?

Measurement science has developed objective methods for evaluating cognitive skills and habits of mind that are more precise, more valid, and more reliable than writing …

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