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Job candidates sitting in line for an interview

Which candidate would you hire for your business?

The decision is up to you; you need to hire or promote an employee. You’ve gone through all the vetting steps for this position: resumes …

Female executive sitting at her desk thinking about honesty

Is it possible to test for honesty?

Every new hire is a security risk From minor theft of office supplies to serious embezzlement, the costs of dishonesty mount quickly.  A recent survey …

Grow your business in front of colorful up arrows

Growing your business: Think BIG

Businesses big or small must run lean and agile to succeed.  Every dollar invested must pay off by growing the market and profits. That’s why …

Student success depends on critical thinking skills & mindset - Insight Assessment

One Dean’s Student Success Story

Insight Assessment academic clients depend on validated critical thinking test instruments for their outcomes assessment, accreditation, and quality enhancement projects. Returning from a conference focusing …

Job candidates sitting in line for an interview

Confidently Hire Re-Entering Workers

How do you assess second career applicants? Much of the available workforce is re-entry from a previous skill set. You can build your confidence doing …

Black sphere with green binary code in front of black screen with green numbers displayed

Put your data to work

It’s a lot easier to capture data than it is to use it effectively. Don’t just collect data–use it.  Without strong critical thinkers in key …

Three employees think about information on a computer monitor

Employers Prioritize Capacity to Think Critically

What are employers looking for when hiring?  They want candidates who have the ability to apply gained knowledge in a wide variety of real world …

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