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two engineers evaluate data on components displayed on large screen

Don’t Fire & Hire, Make Talent a Renewable Resource

Your Future-Ready Workforce – Part 3 The days of employees having a single deep expertise, for 40 years of a career, are forever gone.  An …

Diverse Business Skills Team celebrating their success

Your Future-Ready Workforce

The companies that will thrive in the future are the ones that best manage the looming employment crisis.  Call it a skills gap or a …

Group of job candidates waiting for an interview

Cutting Your Skills Gap Costs

Your Future-Ready Workforce-Part 1   Talent Pool Shrinking? Employers, increasingly, struggle to hire qualified employees.  Many industries, as diverse as construction, engineering, finance, healthcare,  retail, …

Group of job candidates, silhouetted against a window overlooking a city

An Objective Tool for Blind Hiring

Business success depends on building a more diverse, more productive workforce It’s not enough to celebrate commitment to diversity in external messages or to simply …

Hire better thinkers for better results

Better Thinkers, Better Results, Better New Year!

Looking to hire better thinkers in 2021?   Can you guarantee that your employees will be able to meet all your corporate goals for the new …

Job candidates sitting in line for an interview

Two Qualified Candidates–Which Would You Hire?

The decision is yours to make; you need to hire (or promote) an employee. You’ve gone through all the traditional vetting steps for this position.  The …

Group of four students sitting outside studying

College Students Need Critical Thinking

The importance of critical thinking for student success “Students must navigate a wide range of issues to achieve success.”  Research about college students often focuses …

INSIGHT Executive

Who can make the decisions that will drive growth?

It’s a tough job but someone has to do it. Someone has to ask the hard questions, create clarity out of complex information and ambiguous …

Smiling young man shakes hands at the end of an interview

The Most Important Critical Thinking Interview Question

Your time is too valuable to interview candidates who lack needed skills Thriving business must build thinking workplaces that keep pace with the needs of …

Hire better thinkers for better results

Take the guesswork out of qualifying job candidates

Identify and hire the best talent In this tighter job market, you have more competition for the best talent. It’s harder to identify and hire …

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