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Surgical nurse on working with patient in hospital

Predicting Success in Health Science Professional Programs

Predicting student success via critical thinking assessment For several decades, health science educators have been working to train critical thinking in their students and clinicians. …

Student using tablet to take a digital test

Admit Your Virtual Students with Confidence

The college admissions process needs to adapt to today’s new normal Due to early school closures and social distancing, the traditional ways of determining the …

Images from Insight Assessment Group Reports

Critical Thinking Data for Admissions- FAQs

Strong critical thinking predicts academic and professional success Insight Assessment critical thinking test instruments are used globally to objectively identify the student applicants who have …

Why K-12 Schools Use Critical Thinking in Admissions

K-12 schools use EDUCATE INSIGHT assessments to assess critical thinking because they need objective information to assist them in identifying applicants who are ready, willing, …

Why link assessment, accreditation and admissions?

Every academic leader needs to know how the institution can use their impending regional accreditation to accomplish something meaningful. If we have to engage lots …

Multitask with the Right Admissions Tools

Student success is not guaranteed once letters of acceptance go out. Admissions officers have a tough job. Each year they are responsible for identifying the …

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