Summing up ICOT International Conference on Thinking

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The ICOT business sessions were energetic and exciting, clearly a highpoint for the conference.

The most interesting part of this year’s ICOT conference in Bilbao, Spain was the conversation in the business sessions about why some businesses have been slow to see the value of hiring individuals with strong reasoning and decision making skills and mindset. This seemed surprising to participants, because the value to their businesses was so obvious. Business leaders agreed that they need HR analytic tools that enable them to gather objective data about the attributes and skills that most matter today: reasoning and decision-making.   Pete Facione, a senior researcher at Insight Assessment, described these essential characteristics in a successful executive, and how they are rarely assessable using traditional interview tools (interviews, resumes, letters, past positions held). “These are unreliable indicators of reasoning skills and leadership attributes. Too many false positives and false negatives. But these essential skills and attributes can be measured before costly interviews or poor hires occur.”  Using data from INSIGHT Executive test results, he showed how candidates could fail to manifest many of the key attributes in spite of claims that they might make to the contrary.

Smart hiring requires the analytics provided by the INSIGHT series of mindset and thinking skills measures.  Facione suggested that job candidates at all levels should be asked to test their reasoning and mindset prior to being offered interviews; those who walked away were likely to have little confidence in their own reasoning and not be candidates that the company would prize.  And, he added, during the interviews, the finalists should be challenged to demonstrate their skills and their interaction styles by applying them to genuine workplace problems that they analyze and discuss interactively. 

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