Strong Thinkers to Lead Your Business Transition

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Businesses cannot stand still. Companies are in perpetual motion, needing to re-invent and adapt to changing circumstances.  Business transition is a constant. 

Whether your organization is currently thriving, just getting by, or faltering, you are in a transition.  When change is needed throughout your organization, your transition team must have the necessary strong decision-making skills and the drive to deliver innovation. 

That’s why you need strong tools available anytime, anywhere. You need tools that are calibrated for your situation and personnel.  Insight Assessment has over 30 years experience measuring thinking skills. Our business tools are calibrated to assess and identify areas of strength and weakness in critical thinking.

The success stories of the future will be from those whose business transition was designed and managed by people with strong thinking. If your transition will be politically or personally motivated, you don’t need us. If your transition is driven by external circumstances, we can help you make sure your transition team includes the best strategic problem-solvers available. If you want to be the hit of the financial news, you’ll need effective leaders and a strong transition team. We have the screening and training tools you need.

Business transition succeeds or fails based on the strength of the team leadership

Effective leaders in times of transition are strategists who have the strong decision-making skills needed to navigate risks, identify opportunities, ask tough questions and establish priorities while setting clear direction. To make change happen, innovative leaders must be resilient, driven to achieve the vision, able to inspire the team, and committed to highest standards of excellence.

INSIGHT Executive delivers objective metrics on 15 key skills and mindset attributes that define winning leaders’ decision making.

Transition strategies succeed or fail in the implementation and follow up processes

 The highly skilled professionals responsible for achieving your company goals will require strong problem analysis skills. It is essential that they have the ability to evaluate critical data and to identify the possible consequences of complex decisions. Strength in determining solutions with the strongest likelihood of success requires a strong commitment to company goals, the mindset to focus on working through problems, an appetite for innovation and the ability to communicate enthusiasm to others.

INSIGHT Professional Business objectively measures 15 core cognitive skills and characteristics that drive managers to excel.


Improving decision-making skills and mindset has immediate and lasting impact

Thinking skills can be improved. Building a dynamic and innovative team requires precision tools.  INSIGHT Development Program focuses on the skills and characteristics needed to keep up with change.  Our package of online learning modules is the most complete in addressing all the reasoning skills and related thinking attributes.  Our state-of-the-science level explanations, examples, and exercises have been proven to be effective with multiple audiences. Delivered 24/7 globally, they prepare your staff to build future growth.    

 Too often you only get one chance to solve or ameliorate the problem.  Building a dynamic and innovative team requires metrics to position effective decision makers where they will achieve your goals. INSIGHT delivers comprehensive validated critical thinking data on the strengths and weaknesses of individual and team critical thinking.

It’s never too late to benefit from prioritizing strong thinking

Call us today at 650-697-5628 or contact us to preview how easy it is to use INSIGHT tools to drive your strategic plans forward.

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