Strategies for Student Retention

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With all the pandemic-induced uncertainties, retaining new and returning students has become a vital priority. It is essential to retain the new students you’ve worked so hard to recruit, admit, and enroll, and provide them with the tools to succeed at your institution.  

It is important to keep students connected by demonstrating how much you care about their health and about their academic success. 

You have been working hard on the health part. Fall re-opening plans have necessarily focused on how to safely bring back current students and engage new students in innovative new educational systems.

Show students that you are committed to their academic success

Implementing innovative student retention strategies to support student success is vital.  Critical thinking is an essential factor in both student retention and student success.

Strong critical thinking skills and the motivation to learn predict student success and retention. 

Students need drive, motivation, resilience and strong thinking skills to successfully engage their programs.  These are also the skills and habits of mind that your incoming and graduating students will need to be prepared for their future.

A diagnostic for student retention

Your student retention strategies should be proactive.  Invite your new and returning students to take a measure of their strength as thinkers and problem-solvers.  Focusing on strong reasoning and mindset for college success signals the college’s goal of actively empowering its students during their educational experience.

Students can see their profiles on key mindset metrics, like the drive to succeed, the desire to learn, resilience and academic integrity. They can see their strengths in essential critical thinking skills, like analytical reasoning, quantitative reasoning and reasoning in uncertainty.  They learn where they can become stronger.

After seeing their critical thinking profile, students see the personal relevance of good performance on these metrics. Many are then motivated to seek experiences for growth during this time when they must adjust to novel situations and develop ways to reach their educational goals.

College Student Success

We can jump start your work on communicating your concern for students’ academic success.

The College Student Success (CSS) is a two part diagnostic assessment that objectively measures the thinking mindset and reasoning skills of college students. The CSS delivers a timely and powerful personal snapshot of a student’s thinking skills and mindset.  The CSS is a powerful, cost-efficient, online diagnostic used to support student retention initiatives.

The instrument can be completed using any mobile or browser based device.  Our state-of-the-art online assessment technology is applicable to all learning environments.

Our system forwards scored reports to you, too, so that your academic advisers and student success professionals can individually tailor their conversations and guidance to students.  Students will see how much you care about their academic goals, because you have taken the time to help them assess their individual strengths and areas for further development.

Colleges can also use these individual and group assessments as they create new educational experiences and student services programs for those who may need additional support to remain resilient as they continue with their educational plan.

Learn more about the College Student Success diagnostic critical thinking assessments.  Contact us or call at 650-697-5628 for a free preview and price quote today. You can be ready to send out remote or hybrid online invitations to students within three days. 


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