Question Asking Skills: A Leadership Training Tool

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Red triangles with question marks represent Question Asking skills

Decision making is based on strong question asking skills

Effective leadership decision-making depends on the ability to get optimal answers to strategic questions.

Asking clear and relevant questions is an essential leadership skill. Well focused questions gather important information, identify unspoken assumptions, clarify issues and explore options. Question asking is key in unfamiliar and uncertain problem situations.

Decision-makers must be able to make judgments based on conflicting or incomplete data involving internal or external challenges. Decision making quality in unfamiliar and uncertain problem situations depends on getting the information needed for optimal solutions.

A training tool for improving leadership decision making skills

Building questioning skills is an important part of training thinking skills.  Crucial question asking skills can and must be improved through practice.

The Insight Assessment complimentary resource, Question Asking Skills:  A Leadership Training Tool provides a list of focused questions trainers can use to stimulate the skills needed to acquire important information, identify unspoken assumptions, clarify issues and explore options.  

Essential components of question asking and decision making:

  • Interpretation
  • Analysis
  • Inference
  • Evaluation
  • Explanation
  • Self-Regulation

As trainees integrate this question asking strategy into their thinking processes, they will be able to improve core thinking and decision making skills.

Commit to strengthening the quality of decision making

The practical focus of this training tool enhances the talent development training benefits of improving  decision-making.

Trainers: Apply the techniques in Question Asking Skills: A Leadership Training Tool to strengthen your training strategies to improve thinking skills and mindset characteristics.

Assessment tools:  Insight Assessment offers a comprehensive array of objective, validated business thinking test instruments.  Individual and group diagnostics on overall strengths and weakness can be used to guide the development of educational efforts to strengthen decision making skills.

Comprehensive personal reports provide insights for individual trainees, highlighting reasoning strengths and identifying areas for improvement.

Training tools to improve decision-making skills:  INSIGHT Development Program provides a complete package of training and development to optimize your talent pool.   From management to front-line staff, our online modules strengthen core critical thinking skills and mindset, at all levels. Designed for teams as well as individuals, these self-learning modules can be offered as stand-alone, self-directed curriculum or act to supplement existing L&D programs.

Also included are INSIGHT assessments which  provide objective measurements of employee strengths and weaknesses in 15 key cognitive skills and personal mindset attributes.  The cost effective, validated program can be integrated into your training programs or can be implemented as new initiative. 

Interested in additional training resources?

If you are interested in additional strategies for teaching and training reasoning skills, check out the many complimentary Teaching and Training Resources offered by Insight Assessment including:

Explore our website for practical training resources and our blog, Thinking INSIGHT, for further discussion of the measurement of thinking skills and mindset.

Contact us  to discuss your development program goals and needs.


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