Practical Resources for Training Reasoning Skills

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Free Critical Thinking Resources

Check out the  Insight Assessment Resources library.  Our collection of critical thinking resources is designed to provide practical materials to meet the needs of educators, trainers and researchers. Our goal is to present practical materials that support successful testing programs and facilitate the exploration of how critical thinking skills and dispositions can be taught and learned.

This complimentary collection of recommended resources reflects Insight Assessment’s commitment to growing, measuring and promoting good thinking worldwide..

Strong assessment programs are grounded in clear understanding of what is being taught and measured. We invite you to browse these practical critical thinking resources for training excellence in reasoning. Enjoy exploring how strong decision making can be fostered, developed and assessed.

Contact us to learn more about our objective, validated assessments of thinking skills and mindset.

More to come. Follow  our blog, Thinking INSIGHT to explore ways we can all develop and benefit from stronger thinking in the classroom and workplace.

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