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Group of business students sitting on the grass discussing project

Leaders of Critical Thinking at Neeley School of Business TCU

“Harnessing the power of critical thinking is instrumental in the way we will prepare the next generation of leaders, here, at TCU’s Neeley School of …

Pictures of 7 critical thinkers

How to Prepare for Insight Assessment Thinking Tests

A good critical thinking test is not going to be a test of factual knowledge about critical thinking. Memorizing information and definitions is not the …

Photo of hands holding 10 different mobile devices around a wood table

Smart Technology Isn’t Enough

Smart things are all the rage.  Smart phones. Smart TVs. Smart homes. Smart cars. Smart appliances. Smart wearables. Smart manufacturing.  Just enter the word smart plus …

"Education is nothing more or less, than learning to think" written in English and Chinese

Assessing and Teaching Critical Thinking

This Guest Blog Post by Peter A. Facione, Ph.D., Measured Reasons LLC, is presented as part of Insight Assessment’s commitment to advancing critical thinking worldwide.  In …

Executive decision-maker looking at a city through a light bulb shaped window

How to Prevent Poor Problem-Solving and Bad Decisions

Do your employees lack problem-solving skills? Do they make bad decisions? Your business success depends upon identifying the people who can handle uncertainty, problem-solve, and make good decisions. Strong critical …

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