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AI and Human collaboration

The Secrets to Successful AI Implementation

Why does artificial intelligence often flounder in the workplace, despite all its promised benefits?  Success in AI requires extensive preparation and planning.  It starts with …

Top 10 Critical Thinking FAQS

Top 10 Critical Thinking FAQs

1. Can experts agree on a definition of “critical thinking?” Yes. And they have. An international panel of more than forty-five experts achieved this consensus:  …

Virtual CRITICAL THINKING Learning for Higher Education

Higher Education Strategy to Improve Student Engagement

It’s time for a new look at student engagement. The challenge: Recruiting your fall class has not been easy. The bigger challenge will be to …

Critical Thinking Gears

6 Uses for Employee Assessment Data

Hiring, training and promoting employees without objective data is a big gamble.  It can be very costly to make employee decisions based on subjective opinions. …

Laptop screen showing 9 scientists and engineers participating in an online meeting

Be Confident in your Remote Workforce

Many industries are evaluating long-term benefits/costs of a remote workforce. Remote working was once the territory of contract workers and the predicted, yet distant, fuzzy …

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