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The Tolerance Business Mindset Attribute

 TOLERANCE is an essential team skill. Tolerant employees demonstrate open-mindedness as well as respect for diversity, different perspectives, opinions and suggestions. Tolerance is valuable in …

Blue windows on big city skyscraper show the reflection of other buildings

Innovation Depends on Strong Thinking

Most innovative ideas die in the implementation process. Innovation can be a catalyst to growth. However, benefiting from innovation is a two stage project.  The …

3 team members thinking together as they look at a computer monitor

Business Reasoning: You Can’t Afford to Not Assess It

Your bottom line is impacted every day by the cumulative effect of the way your employees make decisions and solve problems. Progress and growth result …

Strong reasoning skills and thinking mindset are needed for decision strength | Insight Assessment

The relationship between thinking skills and mindset

Strong thinking skills are driven by strong mindset Strength in reasoning means more than the possession of thinking skills. Individuals can have experience and skills …

The Desire to Think Business Attribute

A DESIRE TO THINK is the starting point for problem solving. Willingness to think incorporates thoughtful engagement in problems, truth-seeking, judiciousness, valuing thinking things through …

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