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Assessing Critical Thinking is Good Business

Are your employees making good decisions? Strong critical thinking ability is one of the most needed job skills. Business success is based on identifying and …

Smiling young man shakes hands at the end of an interview

The Most Important Critical Thinking Interview Question

Your time is too valuable to interview candidates who lack needed skills Thriving business must build thinking workplaces that keep pace with the needs of …

Smiling young woman wearing a green sweater interviews an older woman job candidate

Importance of Critical Thinking Mindset in Interviews

Human Resource departments must consider critical thinking mindset Strong critical thinking skills result in employees who can identify significant problems, make well-reasoned decisions, and develop …

Nursing and Critical Thinking Strategies

The effectiveness of nurses depends upon the power of their decision making skills and thinking mindset characteristics.  An investment in improving nursing critical thinking skills …

Basket ball hoop against blue sky

Critical Thinking & Hoops – Nature or Nurture?

Critical thinking: Are you born with it or can you learn it? Leaders in business and the armed services frequently ask, is critical thinking something …

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