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Workers sitting at desks thinking

Better Thinkers in 2020

Are you planning to hire better thinkers this year? Can you guarantee that you have the personnel to meet your company goals in 2020?  How often …

Uses for Critical Thinking Skills and Mindset Data

Why Test Critical Thinking in the Spring?

Critical thinking is an important and widely adopted college level student learning outcome. Spring is an important time to gather critical thinking test data. That …

Question Asking Skills

Question Asking Skills: A Leadership Training Tool

Decision making is based on strong question asking skills Effective leadership decision-making depends on the ability to get optimal answers to strategic questions. Asking clear …

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them - Albert Einstein

2020 New Year’s Resolution: To Think Better

We’re going to need lots of good thinkers this year. As we reflect on the past year, we all can celebrate some successes, but there …

Critical Thinking – A Better Way

The importance of understanding why Strongly skilled and fair-minded critical thinkers seek explanations. Beliefs, no matter how heartfelt, must be grounded in reasons and evidence …

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