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assortment of measurement tools including ruler, protractor, calculator, compass

Get the Most Out of Your Training Dollars

Measurement is an essential part of ensuring you get value from your training program. Knowing that your training program is worthwhile and netting the results …

Five flying Canadian Geese following the leader

10 Characteristics of Good Leaders

Leaders are more than a skill set Strategic leadership requires a complex integration of skills and mindset attributes.  In addition to having strong decision-making skills, …

Strong Thinkers to Lead Your Successful Transition

Whether your organization is thriving, just getting by or faltering, you are in a transition.  The success stories of the future will be from those …

Black sphere with green binary code in front of black screen with green numbers displayed

Put your data to work

It’s a lot easier to capture data than it is to use it effectively. Don’t just collect data–use it.  Without strong critical thinkers in key …

Bullseye!  Dart hitting the center of a dartboard

Superior Thinking Assessment Services

Insight Assessment customers stay with INSIGHT because they receive undeniable value for their assessment programs. Better Customer Service, More Customer Confidence in Results—personalized consultations on …

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