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Diverse Business Skills Team celebrating their success

Are Your Employees Obsolete?

Your Future-Ready Workforce – Part 2 It is a harsh judgment, but one that many employers are pondering due to the demand for digital skills. …

Critical Thinking is the Essence of Clinical Reasoning

Strengthening the Essence of Clinical Reasoning

The Role of Critical Thinking in Clinical Reasoning Critical thinking drives the continued development of new knowledge and practice competence for every clinician, clinical scientist, …

Critical Thinking Data: Not Just for Admissions

Student success is not guaranteed once letters of acceptance go out Admissions officers have a tough job. Each year they are responsible for identifying the …

Thoughtful healthcare worker reviews data on monitors and tablet

Prepare Your Healthcare Employees for the Future

Job skills for the future of health care The sheer speed of change has transformed the way that healthcare systems must hire and develop employees.  …

Green traffic light representing change

Is your business ready to adapt to change?

Change is a constant in the economy. Business cycles are never totally predictable. However, change can be long anticipated, planned and prepared for (think inflation, …

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