Nursing and Critical Thinking Strategies

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The effectiveness of nurses depends upon the power of their decision making skills and thinking mindset characteristicsAn investment in improving nursing critical thinking skills is an investment in increasing the quality of patient care. 

In hospitals, clinics and office settings, nurses must deal with complex data. They must have the capacity to best utilize it for patient health. When your employees are good thinkers, they make better decisions, fewer errors and are more productive. Critical thinking skills are essential for patient outcomes.

With challenging nurse-to-patient ratios, enhancing high quality thinking skills and motivation provides an excellent ROI.

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5 tactics to improve nursing critical thinking skills and mindset

Make the best use of your efforts and available budget. INSIGHT Health gives you the optics to:

1. Select current talent with growth potential and plan how to develop them.

2.  Set goals to develop strong thinkers.

  • Nurse who are able to make decisions in fast-paced medical environments with fewer mistakes. Strong thinkers strike the careful balance of being in alignment with operational policies and driving innovation.

3.  Assess the status quo, then set up training to attain your goals for better decision making.

  • Once you know your nursing staff’s thinking and reasoning skills, match your goals to training programs that focus on developing the core strengths.

4.  Develop the critical thinking mindset that motivates your top performing nurses.

  • Staff improvement is easier when you start with engaged thinkers.

5.  Evaluate the nursing critical thinking skills and mindset that you have and hire for those you don’t.

  • INSIGHT Health Professional provides the comprehensive reports required to support your change management efforts; INSIGHT Development Program supplies efficient, effective online training.  Focus on the 15 thinking skills and mindset attributes most needed in your organization.

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You can get the results needed to improve skills

Insight Assessment consultants have been conducting training and development workshops for decades to advance critical thinking ability for our clients in nursing. Look to INSIGHT solutions to provide the data you’ll need for your hiring, onboarding and continuous improvement plans.

Contact Insight Assessment today.

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