Next Step: Choose the Best Thinking Assessment

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It’s time to make a critical decision: Which thinking assessment will help you meet your objectives?

You’ve already decided 3 important things:

  • Good thinking is critical to your business success
  • Thinking can and should be measured to improve performance.
  • You need high quality objective and affordable metrics so you can increase retention, improve productivity and reduce errors.

As you analyze and evaluate test tools and companies, don’t accept test instruments that can’t meet these criteria:

Effective thinking and reasoning tests must:

  • Provide data which summarize a full picture of the strengths and weaknesses of test takers’ thought processes.
  • Be calibrated for the intended test takers
  • Deliver results in fast, detailed, readable and presentation ready reports
  • Include secure, encrypted online interface available 24-7
  • Be easily administered at single or multiple sites, at test centers, to groups & to individuals
  • Be user friendly. 
  • Be firmly based on research
  • Have a proven record of reliability and meet statistical requirements of validity
  • Provide the option of internal and external group norm comparison
  • Be supported by high quality client service

READ MORE about why each of these criteria is important when choosing a thinking assessment.

Be thoughtful about choosing your thinking assessments.  Choose the best. Contact Insight Assessment to preview our reports.

Our blog, Thinking INSIGHT, explores ways we can all develop and benefit from stronger thinking in the classroom and workplace.

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