Critical Thinking Data: Not Just for Admissions

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Student success is not guaranteed once letters of acceptance go out

Admissions officers have a tough job. Each year they are responsible for identifying the best possible class of incoming students. They need to admit the students who are most likely to succeed in their coursework and to make a successful transition to student life. Wading through a confusing web of test scores, GPAs, recommendations, interviews, essays, etc. to identify promising candidates is an ongoing challenge.

The ability to identify applicants who have the strongest critical thinking skills and the desire to apply those skills should be an essential component of individual admission decisions, placement and advising.

Critical thinking skills are essential for student success

There is probably no more important predictor of college level success than strength of critical thinking skills. Strong reasoning skills and positive thinking habits of mind are vital to academic success in every discipline and major field of study.

Gains in critical thinking are powerful and achievable learning outcomes. Schools and universities face growing pressure to document that students are learning the essential skills that prepare them to succeed in the workplace. Evidence that students are developing stronger critical thinking skills is increasingly valuable evidence for academic stakeholders.

Targeted, objective, validated assessment data will be needed to support the development of student critical thinking from admissions through graduation.   

Admissions is just the beginning

Assessment is not a part time job in education; assessment programs need to provide benefits year round. They must provide criterion-based evidence of student thinking skills and thinking mindset that will demonstrate achievement of learning outcomes and goals.  

That’s why colleges and universities depend on Insight Assessment test instruments for selective admissions, transfer placement and more.  Our validated, easy to use critical thinking skills and thinking mindset assessments are essential academic tools worldwide.

Gather comprehensive objective data for multiple initiatives

Each Insight Assessment tool can be used for:

  • Admissionsuse our assessment tools to identify the applicants who have the strongest critical thinking skills and/or mindset attributes.
  • Transfer students:  verify transfer students and adult learner meet your thinking standards and have the skills to succeed in your coursework.
  • Multilingual students: use the translations of our test instruments and our multilingual test taker interface to minimize concerns about English as a second language performance. 
  • Placement: use the objective data in our individual reports about the specific strengths and weaknesses of the new student’s thinking and learning orientation to guide course selection and placement
  • Student Successtarget student support and retention programs based on identified areas of weakness
  • Document Learning Outcomes: Use entry and exit level group reports to document achievement of learning goals
  • Accreditation: compare individual and group percentile scores to a national sample of test-takers

Multitask: critical thinking from admissions through graduation 

Assessment results are only as strong as the test instruments and the data. 

Insight Assessment’s critical thinking and quantitative reasoning test instruments are used around the world to deliver the high quality data and reports needed. Our nationally normed comparison percentiles allow you to demonstrate the strength of your students’ critical thinking skills against external standards. Our app based assessment tools are easily administered 24/7 via our secure, encrypted, online, multi-lingual interface over a wide array of major platforms while offering a single simple interface to mobile, or non-mobile users. 

Make sure your incoming class is ready to learn and succeed; prepare your graduates for workplace success

Contact us today to find out how Insight Assessment tools can provide data for all your thinking assessment needs from admissions through graduation.  


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