Maximize Data from Critical Thinking Group Reports

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Report graphic conparing 4 year undergraduate performance on the CCTST critical thinking assessment to comparable a sample of students nationwide

Learn how to get the most value out of the metrics included in Insight Assessment critical thinking group reports and analytics. In this 8 minute video Dr. Peter Facione shows how data is presented and interprets the standard deviation, mean score, median score, percentile scores and descriptive scores that are reported with the individual and aggregated group scores for each metric on a test. The example uses aggregated data from over 2500 scores on the California Critical Thinking Skills Test (CCTST). The graphics, statistical tables, spreadsheets and individual reports shown are produced by Insight Assessment’s client-facing online score reporting system.


Each Insight Assessment test instrument measures a comprehensive array of metrics that are valid and reliable indicators of strength in critical thinking skill and, in some cases, indicators of those at risk for poor performance in academic programs or workplace situations. These scale scores indicate areas of strength and areas where improvement is needed.

Insight Assessment individual and group reports provide easy to read, easy to use objective metrics on key aspects of thinking. Reports of the scores of individuals are presented in spreadsheets showing all scores and demographic responses for each individual in a group, and as PDF files showing the scale scores for a given individual. Aggregated reports of the scores of groups are presented as PDF files which include statistical tables and bar charts for each scale on the assessment instrument. The user manuals for each test instrument provide a step by step guide to the interpretation of the scores reported. Clients who administer online assessments can opt to give each test-taker an individual report of their scores on each key component of thinking skills or reasoning mindset.

Insight Assessment validated critical thinking test instruments are currently being used by universities, hospitals, businesses, government and military agencies, researchers and K-12 schools in over sixty nations and twenty languages throughout the world. These clients depend on our high quality test-taker data and clear, concise analytics.

Contact us to see sample reports for the assessment that is calibrated for your assessment projects.

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