Leaders of Critical Thinking at Neeley School of Business TCU

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“Harnessing the power of critical thinking is instrumental in the way we will prepare the next generation of leaders, here, at TCU’s Neeley School of Business.  Focused, practical inquiry is essential for our students and faculty to work, arm-in-arm, to generate and deploy the insights that will shape the global practice of business.  In this way, we are able to fulfill our promise to unleash human potential with leadership at the core and innovation in our spirit.”

Daniel Pullin,

John V. Roach Dean of the Neeley School of Business at Texas Christian University and

 Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation

The following is a guest post from Peter A. Facione, Ph.D., after presenting a faculty workshop at the Neeley School of Business, TCU.

Teaching Critical Thinking for Business Majors

The accolades for the Neeley School of Business scroll in images across the home page of their website. No need to dig any deeper than their own promotional messages.  Sometimes, the truth is in the advertising.

The approach of the faculty of the Neeley School of Business is to infuse teaching for critical thinking into all their regular undergraduate and graduate courses.  That is why they invited Insight Assessment to provide a faculty development workshop.

At the workshop, we shared additional techniques and strategies to teach for critical thinking in content-rich business disciplines — everything from accounting and supply chain management to marketing, MIS, finance, and management.

This year, one of their senior tenured faculty, Professor Robert Rhodes, recognized by the university as Professor of the Year, is introducing what may be the first of its kind critical thinking courses for undergraduate business majors.  He, and his colleagues, hope to introduce a comparable course at the MBA level next year.

In my opinion, this is groundbreaking work.

A first, certainly, among highly ranked undergraduate and graduate AACSB accredited business programs, if not all business programs.

The optimal educational model for a professional school is to infuse critical thinking pedagogy in all courses AND to offer all students at least one integrative course explicitly focused on understanding and applying critical thinking in the profession.

The Neeley School of Business has the prestige, credibility, and confidence in its faculty to be taking a leadership position, nationally, in the development of strong critical thinking skills and positive habits of the mind in all their students. Their curriculum will be the first to teach both ‘for critical thinking’ and ‘about critical thinking’ in business.

The future is now; hand pointed forward in front of a blue cloud

About Peter A. Facione, Ph.D

Dr. Facione is a Co-Founder and a Senior Researcher at Insight Assessment.  He is also a Principal at Measured Reasons LLC, a Los Angeles based firm supporting excellence in organizational consulting.

Assessing Critical Thinking

Many business schools utilize Insight Assessment’s critical thinking tools to evaluate program applicants, learning outcomes, program effectiveness and gather accreditation data. Insight Assessment has published both undergraduate and graduate percentiles in the Business Critical Thinking Skills Test (BCTST) for students enrolled at AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) accredited business programs.

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