Insight Assessment congratulates PhD graduates

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college students celebrating graduation by throwing mortarboards up in the air

Updated 5/20/2019

Each year new doctoral students begin dissertation studies using Insight Assessment instruments to measure critical thinking skills and mindset. This academic year about 25 dissertation students have collected data here in the US and internationally. Study samples included students and trainees in:

  • K-12 schools (INSIGHT EDUCATE, TER, CM3, CCTST, M-25),
  • Business education programs (BCTST),
  • Exercise science programs (CCTST, HSRT),
  • Military training sites (MDCTI),
  • Health care training and delivery sites (HSRT, CCTDI), and
  • STEM education programs (CCTST, CCTDI)

Congratulations to all the new PhD graduates this Spring. We welcome you to the community of scholars studying reasoning skills and mindset, and stand ready to provide valid and reliable measures for your future studies.

We hope that your future research will help improve human decision-making, and lead to innovative problem-solving and new insight development.

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