Improving employee critical thinking can be easy

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If your organizational culture supports individualized personal and professional development, then the tools at INSIGHT BASECAMP are for you.

  • Skill Builders, like “How to Analyze and Interpret Numerical Information,” focus on specific reasoning abilities.
  • Mindset Boosters, like “Thoughtful Resilience,” focus on how to be flexible and adapt to change.
  • Deep Dives, like “Optimizing Decision-Making,” provide strategies for maximizing reactive and reflective problem-solving.

Individuals can purchase INSIGHT BASECAMP assessments to identify opportunities for growth. Adult level critical thinking key mindset and strategic skillset assessments enable individuals to privately identify their own areas of strength and opportunities for further development.


If your training and development approach is more systematic and structured, go with the assessments and training modules of the  INSIGHT Development Program


The INSIGHT Development Program includes (A) a full set of online training modules focusing on core critical thinking skills and workplace habits of mind used in problem-solving and decision-making.

INSIGHT Development Program includes (B) our INSIGHT Business organizational measurement instruments. Objective metrics permit validation of the success of the training program as well as giving trainees an incentive to focus on self-improvement in skills valued by employers.

Organizational train-the-trainer workshops and consulting for the Insight Development Program are available.


What do strong thinkers do?


  • Employees with better thinking skills improve productivity and show more job satisfaction. Employee errors in judgment cost you money and opportunities.
  • Your company benefits when good analytical thinking is applied to problem solving and planning.
  • Improved thinking results in fewer errors, better decision-making and better problem-solving.  Good thinking drives success and innovation.
  • Employees appreciate when employers provide positive opportunities to personally focus on self-improvement in practical skills and professional attributes.
  • Engaged employees are productive employees.  The best way to motivate people to give their  effort at work is to demonstrate the personal and professional relevance of value of their skills.  Printable personal reports provide realistic analysis of their strengths and weaknesses in thinking and reasoning.


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