Improving employee critical thinking can be easy

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We expect more from our employees today

They must be able to think on their feet, problem-solve, evaluate information professionally and effectively. Shouldn’t we give them the tools to deliver more?  Improving employee critical thinking skills benefits them personally and professionally. The company benefits from increased productivity and innovation.

Improving employee critical thinking doesn’t have to be hard

A focus on improving thinking and reasoning skills  can easily be incorporated into your business training plan with the INSIGHT Development Program.  

Strong employee critical thinking skills and mindset are the basis for quality decision-making and problem-solving.  That’s why growing businesses commit to making sure employees develop and improve the reasoning skills they need to keep up with the competition in this increasingly complex work world.

  • If you’re already training critical thinking, great! But how do you know your training program is effective? Is it improving your operations?  Talk to us about our proven business thinking assessments so that you can objectively measure progress. If your program isn’t changing the quality of decision-making, you need a new program.

In fact, improving employee thinking can be easy with the right tools

Skills development can be accomplished with INSIGHT Development Program’s online self-paced training modules focusing on 15 core critical thinking skills and work habits of mind recognized as core components of decision-making.

Success depends on proven, research based employee training tools

Insight Development Program offers a suite of high quality, proven training modules designed to improve thinking in teams and in individuals.

INSIGHT Development Program includes a measurement instrument providing data on individual and group thinking and reasoning capabilities. Objective metrics permit validation of the success of the training program as well as giving trainees an incentive to focus on self-improvement in skills valued by employers.

Participants are guided through practical steps to improve their critical thinking. Modules provide strategies to improve their ability to reason through problems to discover workable solutions.  As they progress through the modules, they see the value of improving their thinking skills and avoiding common reasoning errors.  The motivation to use critical thinking skills to make sound decisions is reinforced.


What do strong thinkers do?

Benefits of improving employee critical thinking skills

Employees with better thinking skills improve productivity and show more job satisfaction. Employee errors in judgment cost you money and opportunities.

  • Your company benefits when good analytical thinking is applied to problem solving and planning.
  • Improved thinking results in fewer errors, better decision-making and better problem-solving.  Good thinking drives success and innovation.
  • Employees appreciate when employers provide positive opportunities to personally focus on self-improvement in practical skills and professional attributes.
  • Engaged employees are productive employees.  The best way to motivate people to give their  effort at work is to demonstrate the personal and professional relevance of value of their skills.  Printable personal reports provide realistic analysis of their strengths and weaknesses in thinking and reasoning.

Why INSIGHT Development Program

Insight Assessment has 30+ years of leadership in critical thinking research, assessment and development for business, health care, government service and education.

INSIGHT Development Program provides comprehensive and effective solution to your needs while minimizing the burden on your systems.  Designed to be used as independent study by employees, INSIGHT Development can also be incorporated into existing training programs. 

These proven, high-quality, cost-effective modules deliver continued improvement for both your struggling and your top critical thinkers. Customized content for your remote teams as well as individuals at executive, professional, staff and support levels. 

Contact us today to see the power of a cost-effective, user friendly proven training program to develop thinking skill in all your employees.

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