Growing your business: Think BIG

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Businesses big or small must run lean and agile to succeed.  Every dollar invested must pay off by growing the market and profits. That’s why businesses think long and hard about the decision to allocate money for hiring new staff. A bad decision can damage a business and cripple a small company.

Hiring decisions are filled with risk. Each employee has to bring valuable skills and be self-motivated these days. They need to be good problem solvers, fast learners and responsible with a strong work ethic.  A bad investment in an employee who can’t or won’t produce results costs your business not just money but also the lost opportunities that could have been funded by those dollars.

INSIGHT Business Staff provides easy to use, cost effective, online employee assessments that take the risk out of hiring. Comprehensive individual reports objectively document candidate strengths and weaknesses in 15 essential workplace thinking skills and mindset attributes:

Big or small, join the increasing numbers of businesses that are using validated INSIGHT assessments to gather reliable data to prescreen new employees. Staffing decisions should be founded on objective relevant data delivered by Insight Assessment.

Contact us to get the metrics you need to identify the employees who will grow with your company. 

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