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Effective employees make good decisions

Employees are effective because they have strong decision-making skills. They focus on identifying and solving problems. They look for opportunities to grow the company and themselves.

Effective employees have cognitive skills such as problem analysis, problem solving, evaluating options, establishing priorities, anticipating outcomes and quantitative reasoning.  They demonstrate commitment, focus, resourcefulness, tolerance and integrity.

To make good decisions, effective employees must be life-long learners.  Continuous learning is not optional.  In this rapidly changing workplace, employees must be open to new ideas, technology and responsibilities.  They must demonstrate a strong desire to learn and to apply new skills.  

Objective, reliable metrics on strength and weakness in these core critical thinking skills and mindset are invaluable in making your business successful.

Hiring is hard work 

Candidate resumes, experience and skills used in prior jobs must be examined to determine potential and risks.  Then you must extrapolate whether individuals have the skills and work ethic to become effective in the new position.

Subjective measures like interviews, resumes and interviews are often weak links in evidence-based decisions.  

Pre-employment assessment data takes the subjective out of these decisions. Knowledge about strength in analytical thinking and decision-making facilitates hiring.  It helps identify employees ready to hit the ground running—and those individuals who may require extra training. 

Data for talent development

Developing effective employees is based on skills development. Employees need to continually have opportunities to develop required skills—and new ones. They value opportunities to improve themselves personally and professionally.  Effective decision-making skills and mindset are not innate; they can be improved and developed.

The same assessment metrics used in pre-employment screening can be used to optimize the targeting of individual and group skills building.

Successful onboarding: Talent development starts immediately when onboarding new employees.  Once new hires are in the door, you need them ready to work, making good decisions and producing results. It is easier to engage new hires who have demonstrated strong learning motivation and skills. They will quickly learn on the job.

Identify areas for improvement: The highest ROI is on training and development initiatives that target strength-building in identified areas of individual and/or group improvement. Comprehensive analyses of strength and weakness in crucial cognitive skills and mindset attributes identify areas for improvement.

Individual and group reports have many uses. These include guiding employee hiring and development initiatives over time; comparing performance of groups engaged in similar task; documenting the success of quality improvement initiatives or establishing threshold skill levels to qualify candidates for interviews.

Increase efficiency:  Assessing decision-making skills can be done at hiring or prior to development programs for current employees.  Individual reports are powerful input for performance evaluations focusing on identifying additional training needs.  Team reports can be used to identify skills gaps or to target areas for improvement in group training.

Talent identification: Individual report data can be used to identify high potential employees who would benefit from specialized leadership training.

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Assessment data for hiring and training

There is no substitute for high quality objective and validated data. Building a team of effective employees depends on having relevant data on individual and group strength in thinking and problem solving.

Do you need data for candidate evaluation, employee development, continuous improvement projects or for program evaluation? 

INSIGHT business critical thinking assessments deliver the data you need to improve the quality of decision making across your organization. Each INSIGHT instrument quantifies performance on 5 metrics of thinking skill and 10 mindset attributes that drive strong decision making.

 INSIGHT reports deliver data and comprehensive analysis in an easy to use format:

  • Numerical and Qualitative Results Reported on Each Metric.  Numerical scores and recommended performance assessments reflect the extent that those being assessed are manifesting a given skill or attribute. The recommended performance assessments (qualitative scores) are always relative to the career  level of the INSIGHT assessment instrument.
  • Printable individual reports document specific strengths and areas for growth for each of 15 key skills and mindset metrics.  In addition to qualitative and numeric results, individual reports provide reliable analysis for each component of decision-making and how it impacts job success.
  • Group reports display aggregated statistics and bar-charts on each metric using high quality graphics, suitable for inclusion in management reports. The spreadsheets included with group reports provide the specific scores and responses by all individuals assessed. Group level reports effectively communicate assessment results for particular aggregations of individuals, e.g. all applicants for a particular position.
  • Our expert staff will assist in setting up your projects and delivering reports for all subgroups in your organization.  When groups of candidates or employees are examined, it is possible to make judgments about the strength of the group as a whole as well as to compare individuals.
  • INSIGHT assessments are available whenever needed 24/7. Insight Assessment test instruments are delivered worldwide using our secure, encrypted, online multilingual interface. Our app-based test online system provides the option of taking our thinking and reasoning assessments on most mobile devices in addition to PCs. Individual results reports are sent directly to your specified email address each time an assessment is completed.
  • INSIGHT Development Program provides online self-paced training modules focusing on 15 core thinking skills and attributes. The program features reflective mental exercises, access to an assessment metric and performance reporting tools. INSIGHT Development program is a powerful cost-effective tool to use if your company wants to proactively implement a thinking skills improvement initiative.

People who think better, perform better and get better results. People who have weak thinking skills don’t grow your business.  Gain the benefits of employees with strong thinking, skills and the eagerness to learn and apply new skills

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