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We are pleased to announce that Insight Assessment personal assessment products are now available on most android, apple and Windows 10 devices. 

There are a lot of thinking games out there, but Critical Thinking Insight provides authentic assessments of adult level thinking skills and mindset based on the high quality employment and educational tests we have been providing to businesses, government, health care agencies, colleges and high schools for thirty years

The self-tests in the Critical Thinking Insight app are calibrated to provide objective summaries of your strengths and weaknesses on key components of thinking and reasoning well. In addition, you receive personal coaching suggestions to help you grow even stronger in each area covered by the test. Your results are protected by our privacy policy.

Critical thinking skills and mindset can be measured—and improved. Check out our free sample thinking questions and challenge yourself with the each of the self evaluation assessments. My Thinking Skills – Adult Level and My Thinking Mindset – Adult Level provide information about your overall thinking skills and your motivation to apply those skills to solve problems. My Leadership Potential – Adult Level explores the habits of mind needed by effective leaders.  My Learning Mind – Ages 5-10  and My Learning Mind – Ages 11-17 report on mindset attributes related to learning.

Invest in improving your thinking. Try our free download, “Critical Thinking Insight”, on your phone, tablet or Windows 10 computer. The app includes free sample questions and personal assessments which can be purchased in-app. Discover your thinking skill and mindset; then identify your leadership qualities today.  Then start your personal thinking development program tomorrow.

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