Confidently Hire Re-Entering Workers

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Job candidates sitting in line for an interview

How do you assess second career applicants? Much of the available workforce is re-entry from a previous skill set. You can build your confidence doing interviews trying to connect your needs with their abilities, but ultimately you are determining whether to bring them on subjectively.

INSIGHT Business Professional provides metrics for 14 objective quantitative attributes and skills that will give you a better picture on how new candidate strengths will port. It will help you evaluate their ability to learn and think in ways that are important to you.  INSIGHT Business Professional assesses professional mindset and problem solving skills using complex, multi-layer situations; in order to answer the questions, individuals must employ their reasoning skills to make decisions about the next steps to resolve the dilemma.  Based on responses, we identify how decisions were made and measure the application of reasoning skills.

Resumes and credentials provide selfie snapshots of the past; INSIGHT Business Professional provides reliable insights into how applicants will apply current skills and experience to new job requirements. That’s why increasing numbers of employers are using thinking skills as a framework for assessing competencies and potential.  

Today many individuals are re-entering the job market looking for new opportunities; from veterans and retirees with non-traditional paths to laid off workers, their resumes are filling your inbox. Many wouldn’t be able to make the transition to your job expectations. But some of those candidates have strong problem solving skills and the drive to excel and accomplish goals. INSIGHT gives you the confidence to identify the future employees who are eager to learn new skills and to succeed.

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