Business Reasoning: You Can’t Afford to Not Assess It

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3 team members thinking together as they look at a computer monitor

Your bottom line is impacted every day by the cumulative effect of the way your employees make decisions and solve problems. Progress and growth result from good decisions; bad decisions cause failures.  Many little bad decisions can be as catastrophic as a single poorly reasoned decision at the top level. Business success and the quality of employee thinking are inextricably linked.

The business news is filled with examples of bad decisions, short-sighted problem solving and erroneous risk assessment.  The consequences of these poor reasoning skills are far reaching—loss of money, loss of market share, loss of investor confidence and worse.

There is increasing recognition that strong thinking skills are probably one of the most essential job skills for today’s workers.  Business leaders have a responsibility for ensuring that employees have the reasoning skills and thinking mindset required to make good decisions at every level of responsibility.

Strong thinkers:

  • identify the critical factors that will affect the outcome of the decision
  • evaluate options accurately and anticipate consequences
  • determine what information to discard and what information is needed to make good decisions
  • approach problems and decisions with a positive mindset
  • are focused, adaptable, forward thinking and committed.

Good thinking results in a competitive advantage over less skilled decision makers.

With rapidly changing technology, the speed of information and quality assurance requirements, employers don’t have the luxury of having low expectations for any employee at any level. Hiring the best people for the job is the key to success for every business or professional organization–and that means hiring people who can get the job done.

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