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Hire better thinkers for better results

Looking to hire better thinkers in 2021?


Can you guarantee that your employees will be able to meet all your corporate goals for the new year?  How often did they fail to meet your expectations last year?  Disappoint with their decisions that exposed you to liability or impeded progress?   Your success is derived from the decision-making and problem-solving abilities of your personnel.  

  You require better thinkers and their IDEAS

Strong critical thinkers have the ability and aptitude to resolve complex problems using analysis, inference, and evaluation.  Condensed into five steps, here is an outline of the IDEAS problem-solving process as presented in ‘Think Critically,’ by Insight Assessment founder Peter Facione and co-author Carol Ann Gittens, published by Pearson Education, Inc, 2016:

I = Identify Problems and Set Priorities

The first step is to realize that there is a problem that needs solving.  Knowing corporate priorities assists in identifying situations that could become problems.  Examining potential problems further clarifies priorities.

D = Determine Relevant Information and Deepen Understanding

Deciding what information is relevant and collecting said information creates awareness to the extent of the problem.  This step ensures that moving ahead to problem solve is based upon concrete knowledge of the difficulties being faced.

E = Enumerate Options and Anticipate Consequences

Anticipating consequences narrows down the reality of the situation as opposed to extreme or unlikely possibilities.  This is the step that assists in narrowing down feasible solutions as opposed to those that would be a waste of time.

A = Assess the Situation and Make a Preliminary Decision

Considering what the resolution of the problem will look like ( i.e. setting expectations), prevents paralysis and establishes a resolution, good enough for the present circumstances, to be made.  Action can be taken.

S = Scrutinize the Process and Self Correct as Needed

Examining the entire process enables potential flaws and gaps in knowledge to be spotted before a mistake is made.  This step allows for a necessary change in course (to fit the current time and circumstance).  Any of the above steps should be reevaluated and corrected, as needed, in order to make a better decision than the first one contemplated.

Better thinkers deliver better results 


Thinking and decision-making skills are important considerations, in hiring, at every level of your organization.   Additionally, traits such as motivation, and a commitment to lifelong learning, are also part of what determines a better-than-average thinker.  Your business gets ahead when you have better thinkers.  Know that both the skillset and the mindset, which produce strong critical thinking, can be measured!

Hand holding a phone with the image of a histogram showing critical thinking group scores labelled


Why would you make a hire without assessing these critical thinking metrics?


Do you want exceptional strength in reasoning for your workforce?  Now is the time to implement assessments for potential job candidates as well as development for your existing employees:

  • INSIGHT Business Professional assesses the core critical thinking skills and personal mindset attributes prospective employees will bring to problem solving in their new jobs. INSIGHT Business Professional is a proven tool, developed through industry collaboration, and grounded in the sciences of measurement and human reasoning.  It presents complex multi-layer job related situations that require test takers to make decisions about the next steps to resolve the dilemma.  You will receive comprehensive individual reports  that document your candidates strengths and limitations in fifteen core components of decision making.
  • INSIGHT Development Program is a cost effective, validated self-paced program for improving decision skills and fostering a workplace culture of positive thinking mindset. Training modules can be offered as self-teaching or to supplement existing training programs.

Make 2021 the year for thinking: hire better thinkers


Your success depends upon it.  Take concrete action to improve the quality of decision-making in your company.

  • Hire Smart:   Don’t hire anyone unless you know that their problem-solving skills meet the needs of the job.
  • Fill the thinking gap. Invest in employee development that improves critical thinking skills in teams as well as individuals.

You’ll obtain the better results from better thinkers. 

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It’s not hard to hire strong thinkers when you have the right toolbox.  

Insight Assessment can help you identify employees who have with the reasoning skills and mindset to drive current systems to the next level. Hire and develop people with the eagerness for relentless problem solving, and an eye to seize opportunities while managing risks.

Make 2021 your best year!

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