Better Thinkers This Year

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Workers sitting at desks thinking

Are you planning to hire better thinkers this year?

Can you guarantee that you have the personnel to meet your company goals in 2020?  How often did your decision makers fail to meet your expectations in 2019? Were you disappointed by decisions they made, exposing you to risk of liability or setting back your progress?   Your success comes down to the decision-making abilities of your personnel.  You need to hire strong thinkers.

Strong thinkers deliver results and profits. Weak and lazy thinkers just cost you money and opportunities.

Thinking and decision-making skills and a commitment to your company’s mission, vision and values are important considerations at every level of your organization. 

So why would you make a hire without assessing these thinking metrics?

Do you want exceptional strength in reasoning and decision making in your organization?  The time to implement powerful assessment tools for hiring and professional development programs is now:

  • INSIGHT Business Professional assesses the core critical thinking skills and personal mindset attributes prospective employees will bring to problem solving in their new jobs. INSIGHT Business Professional is a proven tool, developed through industry collaboration, and grounded in the sciences of measurement and human reasoning; it presents complex multi-layer job related situations that require test takers to make decisions about the next steps to resolve the dilemma.  Comprehensive individual reports document strengths and weaknesses in fifteen core components of decision making.
  • INSIGHT Development Program is a cost effective, validated self-paced program for improving decision skills and fostering a workplace culture of positive thinking mindset. Training modules can be offered as self-teaching or to supplement existing training programs.

Make 2020 a thinking year. Hire better thinkers

Your success depends on it.  Now is the time to take concrete actions to improve the quality of decision-making in your company.

You get the better results from better thinkers.

Contact us to start building a staff that will maximize profits.

It’s not hard to hire strong thinkers when you have the right tools.  Insight Assessment can help you identify employees who have with the reasoning skills and mindset to drive current systems to the next level, the eagerness for relentless problem solving, and an eye to seize opportunities while managing risks.

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