Be Confident in your Remote Workforce

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Many industries are evaluating long-term benefits/costs of a remote workforce.

Remote working was once the territory of contract workers and the predicted, yet distant, fuzzy future of work. It is now the status quo.  Even essential services, requiring in-person workers, have made non-customer facing positions such as HR, L&D, IT, Payroll, Legal and Marketing, remote.  What was a short-term adjustment, due to the pandemic, is here to stay.  It has been proven to be feasible and it is extremely popular with employees.

The long heralded fourth industrial revolution has arrived.

Pros and Cons of Remote Workforce

Pro:  Richer Talent Pipeline

Having remote workers allows for wider recruitment and retention opportunities.  Employees are attracted to the promise of an improved work/life balance.  Commuting time can be utilized for child or elder care.  Working from home, further, allows employees to live in areas with lower housing costs and taxes.  Employees are often willing accept less pay in exchange for working at home.

Pro:  Potential for Reduced Commercial Real Estate Costs

Offices no longer need to be in major cities.  Huge fixed overhead costs can be slashed.  Company executives can consider relocating to nearby suburbs or to states with low tax burdens such as Florida or Texas.  Shared office space or third-party owned space may also be feasible.

Con:  Managing Remote Workers

There are legitimate concerns about the productivity and performance of remote workers.  Not every manager has the skills and mindset to supervise a remote workforce.  Not every employee has the skills and mindset to work independently.  Remote working is far more challenging than a normal 9 to 5 office position.  Beyond industry knowledge and experience, it requires great agility, flexibility, and commitment. 

Con:  Finding Qualified Candidates for Remote Working

Recruiting is not the same without in-person interviews.  Capturing the nuances of body language, facial expressions, tone of voice, etc. can be more difficult in virtual interviews.  No decision-maker wants to make an expensive hiring mistake.  And, even if an in-person interview was possible, it can be difficult to judge the characteristics and attributes that make for an employee who will excel while working at home.

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Be Confident in your Remote Workforce 

Insight Assessment offers more than 30 years of evaluating the critical thinking skills and lifelong learning mindset of students, employees, managers, and leaders.  Our INSIGHT Business Assessments are tailored to every level of employee responsibility (Executive, Professional, and Staff), giving you concrete data needed for remote workforce decisions. 

Available 24-7, your private and secure online assessments are encrypted, available in multiple languages, and can be deployed on multiple devices (cell phones, tablets, laptops, and computers).  The data is available real-time as soon as a participant’s responses are submitted and can be compiled as individual and group report formats.

If areas of weakness in employee skills are identified, Insight Assessment offers a flexible online training designed to improve decision-making skills and foster a culture of positive thinking at work. INSIGHT Development Program can be a cost-effective way to build essential critical thinking in remote teams as well as in individuals.

Whether confirming if an executive will be able to empower and motivate their team or if a potential hire is honest, dependable and will have a strong work ethic—we have the evidence-based solutions and tools to equip your organization to return to pre-pandemic profitability and continue to grow.

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