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How to Tackle Uncertainty

Regardless of industry, from upper management to entry-level, your employees, on occasion, must navigate uncertainty. Uncertainty may seem like a recent concern, brought on by …

Happy employee carrying a box

Managing the Great Resignation

Business Leaders are Concerned about Employee Retention “Great Resignation” was coined by Anthony Klotz, an associate professor of management at Texas A&M University’s Mays Business …

two engineers evaluate data on components displayed on large screen

Don’t Fire & Hire, Make Talent a Renewable Resource

Your Future-Ready Workforce – Part 3 The days of employees having a single deep expertise, for 40 years of a career, are forever gone.  An …

Diverse Business Skills Team celebrating their success

Are Your Employees Obsolete?

Your Future-Ready Workforce – Part 2 It is a harsh judgment, but one that many employers are pondering due to the demand for digital skills. …

Group of job candidates waiting for an interview

Cutting Your Skills Gap Costs

Your Future-Ready Workforce-Part 1   Talent Pool Shrinking? Employers, increasingly, struggle to hire qualified employees.  Many industries, as diverse as construction, engineering, finance, healthcare,  retail, …

AI and Human collaboration

The Secrets to Successful AI Implementation

Why does artificial intelligence often flounder in the workplace, despite all its promised benefits?  Success in AI requires extensive preparation and planning.  It starts with …

Moneyball - improving employee performance

Moneyball and Improving Employee Performance

Using evidence-based statistics to improve team and employee performance ‘Moneyball, The Art of Winning an Unfair Game,’ written by Michael Lewis, uncovered the strategy behind …

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