An Objective Tool for Blind Hiring

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Business success depends on building a more diverse, more productive workforce

It’s not enough to celebrate commitment to diversity in external messages or to simply add statements in your corporate values.  Business demonstrates progress by removing subjective barriers to opportunities and implementing equal opportunity processes (like blind hiring, outreach and prescreening) to deliver a more diverse workforce. It is in their best interest.

The 2020 McKinsey & Company report found that diverse teams perform better financially. Productivity is increased; employee engagement is improved, and innovative ideas are more likely to implemented.

Today HR departments need to stand up to the challenge and avoid unconscious biases to be sure that candidate selection is fair and objective. The question is how to do it.

Standard screening processes have proven unreliable. Unconscious and conscious bias can be introduced as early as in the first prescreening of resumes. Even new automated tools used to evaluate job candidates and employees have, too often, been proven to incorporate stereotypes and subtle forms of bias into candidate selection.

Professional musicians are auditioned behind a screen so that they will be judged purely by the quality of their music. It’s not about who they are–it’s about how they perform. Obviously businesses can’t audition candidates behind a screen. Objective ways to determine the potential of candidates must be based on more relevant and reliable metrics.

Building equal access to work

Building a diverse workforce requires proactive actions.  Diversity and inclusion must be incorporated into HR functions, from prescreening, hiring and interviews to placement and employee development.  To reduce bias in the hiring process, decisions at each stage should focus on skills and relevant work experience, not subjective factors. Adding highly relevant, objective measurements of key skills and characteristics of effective employees can reduce the risk of bias in the hiring process. Subjective decision-making cannot be allowed to impact hiring decisions.

What could be more effective–and useful–than a “blind hiring” process that starts with an objective assessment of the core cognitive skills and motivational attributes that predict professional success?

Every day, at all levels of every business, employees make decisions and are asked to solve problems.  Those cumulative decisions have a direct impact on bottom line.  To build a workforce capable of these kinds of contributions employers hire people with the reasoning skills and thinking mindset to solve problems effectively and to make decisions sensibly.  In the end, your success depends on the work ethic and the critical thinking skills of the employees at every level of your organization.

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Creating a level playing field

INSIGHT assists your diversity and inclusion goals by delivering consistent, objective, assessment information about prospective interviewees.  It provides an equal playing field, during your hiring process, for all candidates.  

INSIGHT Business Professional is calibrated to assess and report on 15 thinking skills and attributes such as problem analysis, evaluation of options, anticipating risk, commitment, motivation, tolerance and focus that predict workplace success. Comprehensive  individual and group reports provide numerical scores and recommended performance analysis. They provide an objective summary of core reasoning skills, evaluating the candidate’s tendency to make decision-making mistakes.  Equally important is the evaluation of the thinking mindset attributes and mental disciplines demonstrated by successful, contributing team members.

Integrating INSIGHT tools into your prescreening and blind hiring process enables you to identify and target highly skilled individuals with the professional mindset and problem-solving skills to achieve your company goals. This allows HR to focus on the strengths and weaknesses of individual candidates, not their resumes or on subjective impressions. INSIGHT metrics are powerful input for HR decision-making.

Insight Assessment: validated, reliable, research-based tools

Trusted by employers, educators and trainers for more than 30 years, Insight Assessment provides assessment and training tools for improving critical thinking skills and thinking mindset.  Today we serve clients in 70 countries and 25+ languages, with specialized high quality culturally-sensitive instruments to measure a person’s critical thinking skills and thinking mindset.

Our assessment and training tools are valid, reliable and research-based. Our test instruments meet the highest measurement tool standards for construct and predictive validity, internal consistency and test-retest reliability. All needed information is provided within assessment items, so no specialized knowledge is required.  No test prep is available. 

Prescreening assessment doesn’t have to be hard. Our digital assessments are easily accessible on laptops, tablets and mobile phones on numerous browsers and technology platforms  Easy online administration includes results delivery within minutes to take the stress out of employee assessment. Anonymous results make decision making more objective.

Objective actionable data delivered in a cost-effective way.

Strong business critical thinking skills along with a lifelong learning mindset have become prerequisites for hiring, promotion and talent development. Blind hiring processes don’t have to require more information about candidates; instead, they should deliver better, more objective data that can help you fairly build a more talented, diverse and product team.

Reduce the risk of bias in your hiring process and make sure that you are interviewing all the best decision-makers.

It’s easy to get started.  Call us at 650-697-5628 or contact us today.

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